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DS: BtSSB, ETC, Bodyline, Swimmer

Payment and Priority
- Priority goes to the first person who leaves their paypal and can pay my asking price. 
- Paypal payments only. Paypal fees already included in my asking price.

Shipping for US included; ask for international.
- Shipping method is first class with tracking number, if you want another service let me know.
- I ship out items every weekend.

More Information
- Pet and smoke free ♥


ETC jsk - $160dlls
- Excelent conditions
- Length: 92cm
- Bust: 88cm
- Waist: 74cm

Bodyline jsk - 60 dlls
- Excelent conditions
- Lenght 92cm, bust 94cm max, waist 82cm max

The Most Beautiful Dog in the World and the Most Delicious Strawberry Frappe in the World - $105dlls
- Excellent contitions
- Apron and waist ties not included
- Modified by a professional to fit waist of 72-74cm

♥ Tartan skirt - 35dlls
- Hand made by seamstress, inspired by a ETC desing.
- Waist: 74cm
- Excelent conditions

Swimmer hair bow - 5 dlls

6 - 7dlls 
Pink and white Swimmer bows - 8dlls

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, emily temple cute, handmade, swimmer
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