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DS: repost of BtSSB, AatP and AP items~

I ship from Hungary, EU
First in line who first leaves PayPal.
I make photo proof of shipping and tracking.
I'm not responsible if the package is lost (especially if you don't want it be shipped with tracking).
I accept PayPal only.
PayPal fees (4%) and shipping fees are not included.
Prices are negotiable.

My feedback:


Night Fairy Fantasia set: skirt, bag and necklace


I'd prefer to sell it as a set. Everything in excellent condition.

400 USD + shipping
I might be interested in trades (same value) or partial trades. My absolute dreamprints are the AP Merry Making Party in navy blue and the Dream of the Midsummer Night in navy from AatP, but I'm interested in chocolate/sweets themed prints, mostly from AP.


Odette Toe Shoes from BtSSB


Size LL. They are in excellent condition, I'm the second owner, and I wore them only once.

110 USD shipped worldwide ( + pp fee) w/o tracking or 114 USD w/ tracking

Brand socks

They are slightly worn, but it's noticable only the soles.

AP - Miracle Candy 30 USD 25 USD + shipping
BtSSB - Odette socks 35 USD 30 USD + shipping
BtSSB - Macaroon socks in white 30 USD 25 USD + shipping
BtSSB - Macaroon socks in pink 28 USD 25 USD + shipping

Thank you for looking ^^

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