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DS(repost): super reduced Miracle Candy (also BTSSB OP, IW JSK + socks)

It really really pains me to sell these since they're both my dream prints, but unfortunately I remain in need of money, so I need to sell all of my Lolita T_T

Item #1 Miracle Candy Special Set JSK in Black-
miracle candy
proof of tag http://i46.tinypic.com/24pwkno.jpg
^^^ hello lace info
In almost perfect condition except for slight discoloration on the inside of the waist ties.  It's hard to see without a bright light and won't photograph.  Either way, it's not visible during normal wear.  The back is fully shirred and pretty stretchy and I'd bet it'd accommodate a pretty wide range of sizes.  It comes with a built-in petticoat which is almost poofy enough to stand on it's own without a seperate one :3
My price for this is $180 plus shipping
Located in this link are a BTSSB pink school-style OP, a burgundy Innocent World jsk and sock set, and a pastel pink AP miniskirt. 

Also: a problem I realized in my last sales post-
as I am no longer a regular Livejournal user, about two weeks or so after a sales post I quit checking regularly.  So, if it's been a while since I've posted, but you'd still like to contact me about a sale, email me at choklatbubblegum@aim.com
thank you!

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