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Please note!

* US buyers only, thank you

* My feedback here:

* Item will go to whoever PMs their paypal first

* My paypal looks like r**********g***r***

* I can ship after 3 pm on most weekdays and all day on most Saturdays. I will let you know when exactly I can ship it if you are interested. ^^

* This is my first time selling, so if you have any requests on how to ship it or questions about anything, please let me know!

White An*Tai*Na shoes, size 25.5 SOLD

$50 + shipping ($40 for Express or $12 for Priority)

I ordered the wrong size and these are too big for me. For reference, I am a US size 8 and 24.5 in Secret Shop fits me pretty well. I have only tried these on a couple times in my house. There are a couple very tiny scuffs, not visible unless you look closely. Also, the inside of the ankle strap does not look brand new. It will not be shipped in the original box (which is super ugly anyway), but in a USPS box with tissue paper and bags around the shoes.


My photos

I have been trying to upload the rest of these pictures for half an hour but Livejournal is not having it. Here is the link for the rest:

Tags: !ds, an*tai*na, color:white, item:shoes
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