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DS! Innocent World OP, Atelier Pierrot pink JSK, Cheap wristcuffs and OTKs, ETC skirts and BABY JSK

- Please leave your feedback link when you comment/pm to buy an item.
- Do not use my photos without my permission.
-Tracking is $2.5 always.
-Please do NOT leave your paypal address in the comments. I will tell you when I’ve invoiced you, so you can be sure it’s me. Please check the ‘suspicious messages folder’ if you do not receive a pm or reply from me within 24 hours.
-Payment by paypal or meetup or bank transfer (local buyers only)
-Prices are in USD unless other wise stated, do not include paypal fees. Paypal fees are 5% of the amount you pay me. Feel free to pay via personal (you still pay the personal fees) to save money.
If it is cheaper for you, I can invoice you in your home currency. Please pm if you wish this.
-Priority goes to whoever can pay full price first.
-An explanation of how I package and ship items is here: http://dollsonstrings.livejournal.com/729.html#cutid1
By buying something from me you accept that the items will be packaged and shipped by my default methods unless you request special packaging/shipping.
-Feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1046342.html
-I reserve the right to refuse a sale
- I may accept payment plans. I require a 30% nonrefundable deposit sent via personal payment to hold your item. Payment plans should not be longer than a month.
- I will not ship an item to an address that is not registered on your paypal address unless you pay via personal.
- I do combine shipping – just ask.
-Asking for stock pictures, worn pictures, hellolace links is not an indication of interest and will not put you in line for an item. If I possess a stock picture that is not findable through google, I will have posted it here.


Innocent World Puppy OP $120 + $25 shipping and tracking to any country


BtssB Alice SK $100 + $18 shipping intl

Offbrand accessories

Wristcuffs $10 each shipped (optional tracking at additional $2.5) one pair of each left!
Over-the-knee socks, new and never worn. $14 shipped (optional tracking at additional $2.5) on hold
Haircombs $17 shipped (optional tracking at additional $2.5)

Baby the Stars Kinari JSK $130 + $25 shipping and tracking to any country

There is a black dot of dirt on the dress that is too small for me to photograph. I’m not sure if it can be washed out.

Pink Atelier Pierrot JSK $100 + $20 shipping to any country + $2.5 optional tracking SOLD

Emily Temple Cute SK $70 + $10 shipping to any country

Emily Temple Cute SK $50 + $8 shipping to any country

Angelic Pretty Knit Top $70 + $10 shipping to any country
Cute crochet berries and a shiny bead sewn onto each lace point. =) Beautifully detailed piece.

BTSSB Halter $45 + $10 shipping

VM Rose Card Dress (jsk) in black only ** major WTB. Please do contact me if you are interested in selling this item! I’m willing to pay cost price for it (maybe more if it’s new. I really want to buy it from you!) For this dress I am willing to trade any of the items above + cash.
Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK in red only (bonus if you have the headbow!)
BtssB Koitsukihime JSK.
Inowa Angel Basket JSK
Lief items (except regimental stripe print)
I may be interested in items from other japanese and korean lolita brands, but I am picky when it comes to trades.
I am very picky when it comes to gothic/punk brands like BPN, Putumayo and h.Naoto, but you can try your luck.

No offbrand, taobao or handmade please!

Please do not offer me any items you have already offered before and that I have already rejected!

I generally prioritise sales over trades.

Older sales here: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/?poster=disfigureddream
Thank you for looking. Please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you for your courtesy!

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