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DS Closet Cleaning, a few rare pieces and lots of bargains

Positive 71 feedback
Everything is cleaned or in new condition before it is sent out
No holds without a 20% non-refundable deposit
PP fees are included
Please PM me your paypal address
Priority goes to those willing to pay immediately
All the prices are OBO, but priority goes to those willing to pay full price
No returns
No trades at this time unless in my wish list 
Some items include shipping, but not all
Shipping within the US is as follows (unless stated as included)
    3.50 for small items
   7 for medium items
   12 for large items
Please inquire for international shipping, on average add 15-30 dollars
**If you are outside the US and want air mail you have to send payment as a gift
The measurements are done to the best of my ability
Please specify the number of the item your are interested in

Everything fit at least a 36" bust and 29" waist

Brand Socks and Stocking

1.) AP Pink &Red Polka Dot
    Condition: Worn a few times, very little pilling a few loose threads, cleaned  
    Price: 18.40 USD

2.) Angelic Pretty Alphabet Letter Socks
     Condition: Like new, these are rare, never worn
     Price: 31.20 USD - SOLD

3.) IW Black x White Crown OTK,
    Condition: Like new, never worn
    Price: 18.40 USD

Additional Photos: 1 , 2, 3
4.) Aatp Red x White Harlequin Stocking 
     Condition: Like new, no pilling, never worn
     Size: Length is 97cm
     Price: 56 USD

Brand Clothing

Additional Photos 1, 2
5.) Btssb Jewel Tree Bouquet Jsk and Headbow in Burgundy
     Condition:Both purchased used in very good condition,
                    however on the headbow the "B" charm has
                    come unattached, but is included
 95. Max 36" bust and 29" waist
     Price: 175 Shipped in the US OBO - ON HOLD

Additional Photo 1, 2
6.) Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Jsk
    Condition: Got at a trade it is in great condition, like new
87cm length, 90cm bust, 70cm waist
    Price: 225 Shipped in the US OBO - SOLD

Additional Photos 1, 2
7.)Alice and the Pirates 
Beauty and the Rose promise Parka
   Condition: Used in very good condition
    Size: 45 USD OBO - SOLD

8.) Btssb PinkxPink Cutsew
    Condition: Used, but in good condition
    Price: 20 USD - SOLD

9.) Peace Now T-shirt
    Condition: Used, but in good condition
    Price: 15 USD - SOLD


Free Gifts! 
Spend over 100 USD and get one of these free, please let me know which one you want
Pink socks are gone.

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