Annabel Lee (joan_kartright) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Annabel Lee

!WTB classic OPs and Jsks

I prefer paypal and live in the US.

I do not mind items that are from a household with animals and other critters.

Here is my feedback:

So on this WTB wishlist I'm looking for:

Lusty N' Wonderland Rose d'Encre in RED <3
Lusty N' Wonderland Romantic Garden Jsk in Green FOUND
Mary Magdalene Cordelia Puff Sleeve OP in any colorway, as well as the KidsYoYo replica
Mary Magdalebe Titania Op in Shell Rose or Olive
Mary Magdalene Carlotta OP in Shell Rose or Olive
Innocent World Eleonore Jsk Cafe Au Lait
Innocent World Acanthus JSK in Beige
Innocent World Royal Crown Embriodery in Any colorway BUT black
Innocent World Stained Glass Rose Jsk in Navy
Victorian Maiden Rose Flocky Puff Sleeve in Rose or Navy
AATP Seraphim / Angel Stained glass OP or JSK in Ivory
BTSSB Love Moon Princess Stained Angel Print JSK or OP in Ivory
BTSSB Rose Candle JSk in white
AATP Queens Coach OP in Ivory
Vierge Vampur Meal Time OP
Yolanda MM Antoinette Replica in Yellow size M or L
Baroque Missing Letter Keys and Rabbits op in Blue or Green, JSK in Blue or Green, skirt in ORANGE!

Any rococco style ops

I'm also interested in gloves, particularly made with lace ranging from wrist to mid forearm and lace cuffs. However, I am looking in colorways that would match the above pieces so please nothing too sweet

Anyway on to the pictures of items above!

Rose d'Encre Red
Lusty Romantic Garden Jsk Green
Kidsyoyo celebi flannel op

This is also a link to a wtb for classic skirts and cutsews:

Thank you for taking the time to look at my wishlist.

Tags: !wtb, indie brand, innocent world, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, mary magdalene, victorian maiden
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