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DS/DT/EA: Classic/Steampunk/Kodona/Sweet VM, ITS, F+F, Meta,BPN, Q-pot, Offbrand + fabric

Most items in storage so there may be some delays as things get found.
I will still try to ship within 24 hours of payment as is my usual. I will inform you of any delays.
Feel free to make reasonable offers.

There are some eBay auctions listed as well. Feel free to make an offer off-eBay. I'd rather save on fees so I'll be more generous off-eBay. I can only accept offers if the items do not sell.

Prefer payment by Paypal or bank/wire transfer, but will accept snail mail payments at buyer's own risk.
I am not responsible for any lost payments.
Prices are in US dollars. GBP, Euro, and JPY may also be accepted.
Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees which are 3% + $0.35 (US), 4% + $0.35 (other) or bank fees in the case of a transfer.
I ship from Hawaii, USA and will ship anywhere the USPS ships to. Tracking is free worldwide.
Prices are not inclusive of shipping unless mentioned. Prices including shipping are only to the US.
International shipping through envelope unless otherwise requested. No economy post outside the US. EMS or Priority/SAL only.
I am not responsible for any packages once they have left my hands.
Insurance is extra at buyer's own cost.
I will do holds and payment plans with a non-refundable 20% deposit sent via personal payment or with appropriate fees included required.
All sales are final. NO REFUNDS. Please make sure to ask any questions you have beforehand.
I expect responses within 24-48 hours unless previous mention of delay. Please respond, even if it is to say you are no longer interested.
If you make an offer and I accept, then disappear or do not respond/send payment within 24 hours without leaving a reason why, I will leave feedback.
I reserve the right to deny sale at my own discretion.
I may consider trades in lieu of purchases at my own discretion.
Wish list at the bottom. I will consider almost anything.


Bodyline "L112" Blouse :: $35
No stretch, corseting on back
Can be worn smaller but given smallest measurements are best fit
Selling blouse without jabot
Bust: 80cm-84cm
Waist: 76cm-92cm
Length: 50cm
Sleeve: 63cm

Black Bodyline Blouse / White Bodyline Blouse: $55 each
No shirring or waist ties.
Size L, new (white blouse has minor discoloration on left collar)
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 74cm
Length (from shoulder): 50cm
Sleeve Length (from shoulder): 63cm

Lavender Blouse: $45
Size L, gently worn

Bust: 100cm
Waist: 92cm
Length: 56cm
Sleeve: 59cm (60.5 including lace)

x x x x
h.Naoto Blood Top: $150
Size F, new. Fabric has tight stretch and not recommended to be worn over given measurement unless unbuttoned
Sleeves are corset-strung and adjustable in length
Bust: 78cm
Length: 54cm
Sleeve: 65cm

BPN Sailor Skirt :: $75
Size F, new
Waist ~66cm

In The Starlight "Meeting Alice" Skirt *EBAY* ~ starting at $56 shipped/BIN $75 shipped
Bought new and stored away but never worn, some minor stains from storage not readily visible when worn
There are production flaws on the felt pieces as well
Waist: 34"
Length: 20"

F+F Kodona Shorts: $45
Worn once briefly for a photoshoot. Short-pants are smaller in size than the top, thus this will not be a set
Would consider trading for dandy outfit or this one in larger size. Prefer to keep the top if no trade can be found
Top Bust: 90cm
Top Waist: 80cm
Top Length: 65cm

Shorts Waist: 66cm
Shorts Length: 62cm

Black/Brown Petticoat: $12
Netting is brownish, waistband shows external damage due to wear
Light poof, some damage to netting in some places
Waist: 80cm-114cm
Length: 43cm

x x x
Basic Purple Old School OP: $25
Handmade, slightly heavy cotton with embroidered cotton lace
Has some stretch, zips up in the back
Bust: 88cm-94cm
Waist: 68cm-72cm
Length: 84cm

Sweet Rococo Pink Ballerina Princess OP Set: $400 shipped or $35 headbow/$375 OP
Sweet Rococo Sax Ballerina Princess OP Set: $400 shipped or $35 headbow/$375 OP
Partially shirred back and partially lined inside
Fully shirred sleeves and sleeve cuffs
Detachable waist ties, Side zipper entry
Bust :: 86cm-114cm
Waist :: 71cm-114cm
Length :: 96cm+
Dresses are NEW. This is a custom design, true color closest to the picture above. On the inside shirring, there are still tailor marks on the elastic which do not come off or affect the wear. Custom JSKs of similar design without accessories are $300+

Fay Textured Velvet Bolero: $27
Size S, ties with ribbon. Frilled hem.
Bust: 80cm+ (76cm underbust)
Length: 39cm

Bodyline White Bow Strap Shoes *EBAY off and on*: $75 shipped OBO
Was purchased as new but appears to have been tried on and has minor scuffing not noticeable when worn. Sold out on site.
Size 27 (28cm insole measurement)

x x x x x
Steve Madden Brown Pumps: $30
Size 11US, gently worn. Left button cap is missing

Xhilaration Kodona Oxfords: $50
Size 11US, new

♥~Paper Goods ~♥

Q-Pot Limited Edition 2011 Spring Postcard: $5 each (10x)
Q-pot Limited Edition 2012 Captain Burger Spring Flier: $5 each (10x)

Q-pot Bags: $6 for the plastic, $11 for the pop-up
These bags are all in like new condition and have no marks or damage.
Plastic is thick with melty chocolate gold sticker, popup is thick with gold print and sticker
Plastic bag is 36cmx25cm, Popup bag is approximately 23cmx20cmx12cm. I also have some smaller popup bags.
Plastic: 5 available
Popup: 2 available
$1.50/$1.75 domestic shipping. $3.00/$4.00 for international.

♥ Accessories ♥

Q-pot Shave Ice Phone Strap: $56 shipped
New, has not been used

Q-pot Pray for Japan Peace Bands :: $13 each
Chocolate: 0
Strawberry: 3
Mint: 1
Milk: 2
Other Q-pot items available through my shopping service.

Seed Pearl and Freshwater Pearl Bracelets: $25 shipped each (2 available)

Twin Cherubs Pin: $25

Faux Pearl Necklace: $15
Bow Pin: $18

Victorian/Steampunk Brooches: $40 each

Cupid Bear Earrings: $10
Green is hand painted, the other is cross-stitched

Bow Rings: $5 for both
Adjustable. New and never worn.
One bow is broken off the ring and needs to be glued on

Steampunk Loli Crossbody Bag: $285 shipped
Made of leather, shell, metals, and wood.
Comes with dustbag and certificate of authenticity as well as replacement parts
Has leaves on the strap
19cm x 14cm x 7cm

Goldilocks Curls Short Wig :: $23
New and only tried on. Very soft. Has a skin-top and is very good quality


Black Dolly Curls Wig :: $9
New in bag and only tried on, has bangs


Straw Boater Hat with cotton ribbon: $35
Gently used

x x x x x
Rites of Springtime Cameo Fabric: $18/yard
100% cotton, machine washable
Measurements to come

Other fabrics available through my shopping service.


Spin Doctor "Marianne" Blouse :: $50
Size XS/6-8UK, would like this in S or M
New, retail €35,50 (tag still attached)
Bust: 82cm-86cm
Waist: 72cm-86cm

Rose and Thorn Bat Princess Blouse
Size XL, new with tags
Rose and Thorn is a defunct indie brand. I want to trade for this in M or similar style ONLY

Old School Skirt
New, fully shirred waist, no zipper
Waist: 58cm-94cm
Length: 48cm

Rare Merry Go Round Cameo Skirt
New with tags, has a Rococo hip-bucket shape, zips in back
Waist: 65cm

Long Petticoat
Want something more full and/or gauzy similar to Meta's long petticoats

x x
Long A-line Petti
Waist is too big. The elastic died and I cut it to tie
It's been through vacuum-sealing for years off and and so it will never die

Size XL, I'd like to get a smaller flat waist petti without having to alter this one
Waist: 31"

Innocent World High Waist Trousers: $400
Size F, gently worn. Zipper has untracked and will need either replacement or repair
Partially shirred waist. This is an old release. Don't ask the name, I can't remember it. It might be Daniel, it might not, lol.
NOT recommended for anyone over 5'4" (163cm) because it is high-waist
Waist: 66cm-76cm
Hip: 88cm
Seat: 114cm
Length: 74cm
Inseam: 38cm
Rise: 40cm (30cm to waist)

Surface Spell Cathedral JSK: Purple Version
Qutieland Listing here
Want to trade for this for a size fitting an 88+cm bust ONLY.
Also seeking the underbust version: any color.
Bust: 80-86cm
Waist: 72cm
Length: 90cm (from strap to bottom)

x x
Victorian Maiden Broadcloth Floral OP
Worn once, want to trade for something that suits me better
Old design from about 2003, not recommended for a larger cup size
No shirring or stretch, fully lined. Can fit slightly larger due to front design
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 76cm
Length: 90cm


GLP Blue Alice OP
Size M. New never worn. Perfect for casual sweet
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 78cm
Length: 84cm

x x x x x x x x
Old School OP and Headdress
New, but tried on a few times and stored away
Two ribbons were removed from the bust and two from the skirt. I only have one of each for reattachment.
Made by a Japanese atelier brand.
Bust: 86-94cm
Waist: 70-80cm
Length: 90cm (to bottom lace)

Old School VM replica OP
New, only tried on a few times
Bishop sleeves can unbutton to make slightly flared sleeves
Waist ties are non-detachable. No shirring, no stretch
Bust: 94cm
Waist: 73cm
Length: 114cm
Sleeve: 63cm

Metamorphose temps de fille Josette JSK (jsk only)
New with tag, color is a reddish brown
Tag price: ¥26,040
Bust: 81cm-92cm
Waist: 66cm-77cm
Length: 86cm
Would love to trade for a print dress (Btssb/Aatp, AP, Meta)

Will consider trading for anything, but reserve the right to deny a trade.
Due to shipping costs, I prefer to trade within the US.
Trades must be sent within 4 days of trade agreement with tracking unless otherwise agreed. Traders must send first!
Please provide feedback link.
My current measurements:
Bust: 88-91cm
Waist: 71-73cm
Hip: 88-90cm
Shoulder Width: 43cm
Primarily interested in:
Steampunk/pirate, clockwork styles, and corsets
AATP, BTSSB, Metamorphose, Lief, HMHM, Atelier Pierrot styles or replicas (i.e. Queen's Coach, Relief JSK, Stained Glass, Toybox, Chess Chocolate, Ms Wolf, underbust/waistcoat jsks, etc.)
Gothic, chandelier, castle/coach, stripes, chess, fairytale, Harlequin and circus prints
Vintage medical/nurse fashion
Victorian/Steampunkish bags, clasp bags or trunk bags
Shoes that fit 9/9.5US (25.5-26/LL/3L), boots that fit 9.5-10 (25.5/26/LL/3L) or 40/41EU
Tea Parties, platforms, Victorian/granny boots, AATP boots (any color)
Cage skirts, petticoats, bloomer trousers and high waist trousers
Petticoats with megapoof or a nice full never-die shape, or long organdy/chiffon (i.e. Classical Puppets, F+F Omniscient, Meta long petticoat)
Bell-shaped petticoats with moderate poof
Detachable sleeves in any color, primarily flared sleeves or poofy sleeves

DS/DT: Offbrand sweets accessories, shoes, and dresses
DS: Offbrand cutsew and bustier corset top
DS: Offbrand plus size top, corsets and headdress
DS/DT: Offbrand sailor top and fawn charm
DS/DT: Offbrand classic blouses, boleros, shoes, and fabric (some plus size friendly)
DS/DT: Plus size friendly skirts
Will consider reasonable offers for old sales and old trades.

Tags: !ds, !dt, !ea, *fabric, *petite, *plus size, *supplies, any brand, black peace now, bodyline, color:black, color:blue, color:brown, color:cream, color:green, color:grey, color:orange, color:pink, color:purple, color:red, color:white, color:yellow, fanplusfriend, h.naoto, handmade, in the starlight, indie brand, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:hair accessory, item:innerwear, item:jumperskirt, item:novelty, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, item:pants, item:shoes, item:skirt, item:wigs, metamorphose, offbrand, sweet rococo, taobao
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