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DS: Reduced Price 20% Off-brand lolita dress

I only accept paypal.
Comment here for questions, however, PM me your paypal if you decide to buy for safety reasons.
Paypal Fees: Don't worry about it. :)
Shipping: I am not responsible for lost shipping. If you are concerned about shipping, please ask for insurance. Also, realize the shipping is based on shipping within the US.^^
EGL Feedback:

DSC04642  DSC04646
DSC04648 DSC04649
Wa Lolita Kimono Dress
Price: $64 Shipped (Reduced from $100  -> $80  -> $64)
Worn once.
The dress itself is open sizing, but the matching corset is smaller. My waist is 26" but the corset can stretch for larger waist. If you can give me your waist size, I can test it on a mannequin. :)
NOTE: Small defect on corset, however, not noticeable when worn since the dress is black.
Tags: !ds, item:onepiece, offbrand

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