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DS: L-size items! Merry Sweet Castle JSK

- Feedback comes here: +52
- I ship from Hungary, Europe.
- I don't charge you for paypal fees.

Please read this first!

Available shipping methods:
* Regular shipping. No tracking available, quite fast and safe within EU, but really slow to overseas, and sometimes the package arrives damaged.
* Priority Mail: still no tracking, but even faster than regular shipping. Within EU it's 3-4 days most of the time, overseas is 10-12 workdays.
* Regular mail with tracking: basically the same as regular, with a tracking number. Still won't help you out if the package goes by ship, and takes 3 weeks to sail to another harbor.
* Priority mail with tracking: probably the safest and fastest shipping method, but of cause the most expensive one.

It's up to you wich shipping method you choose, but in any case, I'm not responsible if the package is lost. I make photo proof of shipping, even without a tracking number.

Meet Shanpo-chan. He's the proof of ownership with today's date.

1. Chess Story: Mariage d'Amour set (JSK + Blouse) PAYMENT PENDING!!!

I ordered this set late summer, but since then I los again a lot of weith, and it fits me weird now. Both items are brand new with tags on, including extra buttons, I only tried on this dress for 5 minutes.
The print is original print from the Chinese brand, the JSK is wonderful quality, and truly unique. See close-up photos:

Decorative corset lacing in the front with ribbons:

Back lacing and shirring, and the straps with buttons, also the detachable waist ties:

PPrint closeup:

The blouse is a lightewight, soft chiffon princess sleeve blouse with detachable sleeves:

Closeup of the sleeve and the tag:

The back is shirred, and you can see the full circle of the princess sleeve here.

The set did cost me a fortune, compared to Taobao brand dresses, since I didn't know that the prices are see are "reserved" prices, and had to pay about the double for it a month later, as second payment. I'd like to get for it what I've payed, since it's brand new, and you don't have to wait 2 months to get it ^_^

Blouse is Size L, measurements: Bust:   92-102 cm,    Waist: 78-88 cm, probably even more.
JSK is Size L-XL, measurments: Bust:
     88~106 cm, Waist: 78~92 cm, but also can go bigger I guess.

JSK: $100 + shipping
Blouse: $50 + shipping
If you buy it as a set, shipping is free!

2. Merry Sweet Castle JSK in Marron / Size L

Link to Lolibrary

I'm the second owner of this dress, and I personally knew the first owner, who didn't wear this dress more than twice, I only had it on for one occasion, our anniversary meetup, and took it to the dry-cleaner right after.
It was my dream dress since I started lolita, and it was really hard to get it from it's original owner. It's in amazing condition, I bet you can't find another dress of this print wich is in such a good state. The colors are vivid, and the cotton is really soft, can't be compared to today's Baby dresses.

It's an extremly rare size L, wich is sadly too big for me now. I'd be happy to trade it for an M size, but I don't see a chance for that...

Official measurments are: (but it did still fit me with 106 bust and 92 waist)

Bust: 95-103cm
Waist:  80-88cm
Length: 96cm

Price: $210 + shipping
Please find a good home for this beauty!

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, taobao

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