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DS/DT/WTB: AP's Vanilla-chan OP and Toy Parade headbow!

Good evening from Finland!

x My feedback can be found at eBayeglfeedback and my personal journal
x I ship from Finland
x I will only trade for items on my wishlist, thank you! :)
x I only accept Paypal (bank transfer from Finnish people!)
x EU shipping included in the prices. I ship worldwide, but have to ask a little extra from people outside of EU.

I'm looking to sell my newly bought Vanilla-Chan OP from Angelic Pretty. The dress was one of my wishlist items but after wearing it out once, I came to the conclusion that I'm not as excited to gather a coordinate around it as I would be for some other dresses - thus, I'm making a DT post! :) My wishlist is as follows! (Underlined the ones I'm REALLY looking for and am willing to pay a little extra for in case of a partial trade!)

  • Twinkle Ornament - JSK - Red/Black x Gold
  • Fancy Box - Long JSK - Ivory/black
  • Wonder Story - JSK with collar - blue/black/wine
  • Rose Toilette - OP/JSK - black/red
  • Milky-chan - JSK - brown
  • Holy Night Story - OP/JSK - black/red
  • Chocolate Rosette - JSK - brown
  • Royal Cards - Tux JSK - red/blue/black/pink
  • Cinema Doll - JSK/OP - ivory/black/lavender

DS/DT: Vanilla-chan OP in black - 160€ (shipped within EU) Trade preferred!
In perfect condition, only worn once by me, no visible flaws. (Proof photo)


DT/DS: Toy Parade headbow - 35€ (shipped within EU)
Never used, bought from the SF AP store. No visible flaws.

Also, I'm desperately trying to find the Royal Cards Magician JSK in blue for my birthday in November! :)
I can do trade, partial trade and/or payment plans.


Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty

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