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DS : Closet Cleaning ! AP, BTSSB, Bodyline, and more !!


1. I ship from FRANCE.
2. I have no pets and I don't smoke.
3. I accept only Paypal (in € currency +paypal fees)
4. I prefer to ship in Europe, but If you want, I can ship overseas, please understand that you will need to pay an higher price.
5. After the payment, I will ship the item the same day if it's possible, or during the week (I have school ^^ )
6. Shipping fees are not included in the price. It will be my pleasure to let you know the several methods of shipping you can choose and their prices.
7. I'm not responsible for lost packages
My feedbacks :
About Shipping : All is for 1kg, for less or more, ask me ;)
A. With Tracking number : 
- Europe Switzerland : 16.15€ 
- USA : 23.20€
- For over countries, ask me ! 

B.  Without tracking (if the package is lose, i'm not responsable !!!! )

- Europe Switzerland : 10€
- Other countries : 11.50€

1 Secret Shop cream socks - 10€ + shipping + Paypal Fees

SS cream socks

Bought from second hand, i worn them one time. They are in very good condition.

2. Bodyline Black Skirt - 18€ + shipping + Paypal Fees

jupe bodyline black

Bought from Bodyline, the skirt is in perfect condition. I worn it 3 times.
Size: Length 47cm
Waist 62-100cm
Picture from Bodyline

3. Kawaiko OP Akumu in blanc X white - 35€ + shipping + Paypal Fees


Kawaiko was a Lolita French Brand. I bought it from the official shop in Paris. I worn it many time, but it's in good condition. 
M Size : Bust : 95cm max, waist : about 80cm, Lenght : 91cm
More pictures from Kawaiko (this dress is in pink x black ! )

4. Kawaiko Black Blouse - 20€ + shipping + Paypal fees

chemise kawaiko
XL Size : Bust = 100cm
The blouse is in perfect condition, I worn it one time.

5. Kawaiko Skirt - 25€ + shipping + Paypal Fees


Size : Waist = 80-86cm max
I'm the first owner, I worn it 2 times. Very good condition

6 Menthe Chocolat Salopette set (salopette + headbow + cuff) - 75€ + shipping + Paypal Fees

Menthe Chocolat Salopette Front
Print, the real color !!!

Menthe Chocolat is a french lolita brand.  I'm the first owner, this salopette model is unique (created for me ^^ ). Be carefull, the real color of the salopette and set is the same that the picture of the print ! My camara had problems with colors xD. All is in perfect condition, worn 2 times.
Size : bust : full size ; waist : 90cm max (no shirring)

7. Bodyline Shoes - 15€ + shipping + Paypal Fees

Bodyline shoes
Size : 23.5cm. 
They have many damages, that's why the price is low ^^

8. Secret Shop Pink Shoes - 25€ + shipping + Paypal Fees

SS pink shoes

M size. Bought from second hand. They are in good condition, I worn it few times. Just few damages due to me, or shoes failure (soles you can see top)

9. Secret Shop TP shoes in Pink - 20€ 15€+ shipping + Paypal Fees


M size. bought from second hand, they are a lot of used by the first owner. I worn them few times.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:pink, item:blouse, item:onepiece, item:salopette, item:shoes, secret shop
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