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!DS: Gabalnara Prima-H Quality Wig

We are a Shopping Service and a customer canceled on a wig order, so we are posting this for immediate sale.
This is packaged and ready for immediate shipping. It's the last one we have in stock. :)

Payment Method: Paypal (don't worry about Paypal fees)

We ship using USPS Priority Mail. We are not responsible for lost shipments. To avoid this, please ask us to insure the package for you (ESPECIALLY INTERNATIONAL BUYERS). Otherwise, shipment will be sent uninsured. :)

EGL feedback:
Gabal Spice Personal Feedback:

Proof that we stock wigs:
IMAG0649 IMAG0651


Whole Wig Long Gradation Skin Flora Honey Blonde   <--- more details of the wig
Price: $74 + Shipping to you
Quantity: 1 LAST ONE
Shipping: +$6 US  |  +$13 Canada&Mexico  |  +$17  All Other Countries

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P.S. I have no idea who it was who posted the comment that these are crap quality wigs that sell for $10-15 on ebay, but Gabalnara is well aware of chinese sellers who steal their photos and sell faulty quality replicas and call it good quality on ebay and on taobao. As of right now, only Yesstyle and directly from Gabalnara are the two global sites that one can purchase these wigs.

We order directly from Gabalnara and have contacts with the company.
We place bulk orders directly from Gabalnara to get ours and we have strict permission to use their photography as long as we leave the logo.

All of our customers (+40 people since April 2012) can vouch for us that there are 100% real Prima-H quality wigs from South Korea. We have the shipping papers for proof as well as every wig coming in their original packaging.

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