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DS : BODYLINE JSK, Shoes, GLW Curly bobbed Wig, 2 Blouses, Offbrand Blouse...

I live in Monterey, California.
Feedback: Click me!
Shipping in the U.S. is usually about $4-5, depending on tracking. Internationally, shipping cost really varies, but it's usually about $13 without tracking.
I have two dogs, but I keep them away from my clothes. There may be one or two stray pieces of hair, so have caution if you have an allergy. Just let me know! :) I accept Paypal :)
I am open to trades for Classic items, but prefer sales. Thanks!

Fairy in Forest JSK in white, by Bodyline: $40 ON HOLD
(It's still on the Bodyline website for $53. discount timmeee!)
I wore this dress once for my friend's photoshoot, and never wore it again. It's in perfect condition- I just prefer shoulder-straps to halters, so I'm selling it. :)

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Tall Bow Heels in off-white, by Bodyline: $35 Size 24.5
There are two small scuffs on the left shoe, but the right shoe is just fine.
^^ These were my very first pair of Lolita shoes, but I was so nervous to wear them (because they were white), that I only wore them a couple times before buying some pink ones!
:) As you can see on the under part of the shoe, there's hardly any wear whatsoever!
Lucky you! ^^ They were from 2010, and have just been sitting in my closet since.

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Photobucket Photobucket
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White Blouse, by Bodyline: $35 SOLD

This was my very first Lolita blouse (bought with the blouse above), and has only been worn in the house.
It's been sitting in my closet ever since.
It's practically brand new (it's still being sold on the Bodyline website! hahah^^ )
Lots of attention to detail, with little bows and lace all over the place!
There are two buttons on the sides where waist ties should be, but I'm not sure where they are. The price is lowered because of that. The flat measurements are:
17 inch bust
15 1/2 inch waist.
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Blue Cutsew, by Bodyline: $30 SOLD
I bought this off the comm sales about a year ago, but I haven't ever worn it.
I thought I would find a sax JSK to go with it, but never found one quite for me.
That said, it's up for sale again~
This is missing the detachable long-sleeves, so it will be sent as pictured. :)

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Chocolate curly bob, by Gothic Lolita Wigs. $30
Beautiful shade of chocolate brown.
In lighting, it gives off a slight red tint, too!
Some curls have been separated (It came to me with about 30 HUGE curls, and I carefully separated them to make it look much more realistic!
The bangs have been cut about 1 cm. :)

Photobucket Photobucket

Offbrand (LOFT, by Ann Taylor) Classic Blouse, off-white: $12 Labelled as size 12.
I found this while shopping second-hand, and have worn it a couple times tucked into a skirt.
Measured flat, it is 20"bust and 18"waist. (you should double these numbers for approximate bust/waist)
My own measurements are 33"bust and 27"waist. It has a very feminine cut, and it still looks nice on my smaller measurements!
Under a JSK, the size difference wasn't even noticeable.:)
It has a small "bib" looking area on the chest, as pictured.
The true color is more like the first picture. :)

Photobucket Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thank you for looking! <3

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