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DS: btssb skirt, blouses, sex pot revenge items

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Prices don't include shipping, please ask me about the charges.

BTSSB Angel Grosgrain skirt

waist: 64cm
rarely worn
price: 80€ (+ parcel shipping)

Dear Celine lavender blouse

size L, bust: 92cm
worn once or twice
price: 30€ (+ shipping in large envelope)

Fan+Friend cream coloured blouse

bust: ~82cm - 95cm
waist: ~71cm - 82cm
only tried on by me and never worn by the previous owner
the detachable bow is missing (arrived like that)
40€ (+ shipping in large envelope)

Anna House white blouse

waist: ~65cm - 75cm
bust: ~65cm - 86cm
worn a lot, machine washed
price: 15€ (+ shipping in large envelope)

Mango floral skirt

waist: 74cm - 84cm
lenght: 50cm
it definitely fits a petticoat, the material is very lightweight though
price: 25€ (+ shipping in large envelope)

Sex Pot Revenge T-shirts

both are size S (Length 60cm x Garment Width 43cm x Sleeve Length 16cm x Shoulder Width 35cm)
worn and machine washed, prints show no sign of that, they still look really good
price each: 15€ (+ shipping in large envelope)

Sex Pot Revenge necktie

Length 130cm x Width 7cm
price: 15€ (+ shipping in large envelope)

Tags: !ds, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, dear celine, fanplusfriend, item:blouse, item:skirt, sex pot revenge

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