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DS: Metamorphose Swan Lake Skirt - SOLD


Shipping and Receiving from USA via USD currency
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Paypal fees and extra fees are non-reimbursable (fees that are charged on your side).
I charge 5% per transaction fee

Shipping Fees are NOT included (unless stated otherwise, and if stated only applicable to USA buyers). I can ship it within a week and will give shipping quotes to you once you have considered to buy. I am not responsible with what happens with shipping. You have the option to purchase insurance with it, so if something happens call the provider please! Priority: FIRST to PM or leave a COMMENT (going by time stamp) gets first priority. You can always try to negotiate prices with me! Just send me a PM and we can talk :) !
I also have a cat, so if some cat hairs are on it please excuse but i do keep my clothing in a closet that is always closed and away from him :).

Direct Sale


200 OBO


no stains (that i can tell ; i pretty much stared at this for hours xD) 
waist ties,
mini waist bow,
no alterations,
pretty much brand new!


Tags: !ds, color:cream, color:white, item:skirt, metamorphose
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