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Rebecca Cole

!DS/!DT: Off brand Wa-lolita top; Red heart-buckle bodyline shoes- 23.5

 I currently have no feedback, but my feedback page is here!
 I only accept paypal.
 Price doesn't include shipping or paypal fees.
 Shipping from Maine, United States of America. 
 First person to inquire gets priority.
 I cannot be held responsible for anything that gets lost or damaged in transit.
 No returns or refunds, so please make requests if you are unsure about anything.
 Measurements are taken from the original site.
 I have cats! - They are not allowed on or around my items, but stray hairs may find a way onto the fabric.

Proof indicator:

Bodyline red Heart-buckle shoes: size 23.5

(Stock image) These shoes have been lightly worn by myself, but as a third owner, they have been worn quite a bit. One of the original owners of the shoes put small arch supporter inserts into the shoes, that do not come out cleanly- They are very comfortable though, and don't seem to effect the tightness of the shoes fit. 

Asking $28 + shipping and paypal fees However, I will consider trades/partial trades. (Currently on hold)

The inside of the shoes showing the inserts.

Scuffing on right shoe.

Scuffing on left shoe.

Back of shoes.

Off brand (Rakuen Fashion) Wa-Lolita top and partially elastic waist wrap.

(Website stock image)

Does not come with purple rope tie. Does not come with purple ruffle trim on waist ties. Does not come with Skirt.

Asking $30 +shipping and paypal fees However, I will consider trades/partial trades.


Item Has been lightly worn, but has been hanging in my closet for many years. No discoloration, pilling, or fading that I can see. Small unnoticeable damage under the arm-pit seams. It is a medium (bust=91-94cm, but since it is a wrap it is somewhat free-sized)

This item is old, but good for beginners :3

Partially elastic waist wrap with velcro attachment.

Small hole in the arm-pit seam of left arm.

Small hole in the arm-pit seam of right arm.


 Off-white Bodyline bunny-ear blouse, (size M)

 White, off-white, and light-pink long sleeved blouses, or cut-sews (size M)

 White, off-white, light-pink, mint, or sax, long sleeved cardigans, boleros, and light jackets. (size M)

 Light-pink, sax, white, or red flat/low heal or wedged boots, and or rocking horse shoes. (size 24.5)

 Anything sweet and/or classic. Make me an offer :)

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, item:blouse, item:shoes, offbrand
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