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DS: BtssB Trick-or-Treat, Meta ToyBox Set, Meta Candy House Mint JSK Set, BtSSB Parfait OP, etc.

Hi there! Thank you for looking! I have some pieces for sale that I don't wear much anymore.

+ Measurements listed here are amateur flat measurements or taken from the official brand's listing at HelloLace.
+ I accept PayPal. Please leave your PayPal address or PM it to me after you have made a reply here stating that you are definitely buying. Please pay your invoice within 24 hours or I will leave negative feedback for you. :(
+ Prices include shipping within the United States. Shipping outside of the US will cost a bit extra.
+ Please understand that the items are shipped from a home with a cat. He doesn't roll on my clothes by any means, but his fur is bound to turn up in the most unlikely of places -- including my closet at times! I will do my very best to make sure the items shipped to you are clean and fur/lint free.
+ Please, no trades at this time. I'm looking to minimize my wardrobe.
+ My EGL feedback +60

Metamorphose Candy House Bustle JSK Set in Mint 225 USD including shipping within the United States
front / back
Sizing: Partially shirred back. 35" length, 32 - 38" bust, free waist.
Description: This is a hard to come by set in the most popular colorway from Meta's Candy House series! The bustle in the back is simply beautiful and the colors are so unique, there are many ways to coordinate this dress and bow! Set can't be split, sorry. :)

+ + + + + + +

Metamorphose Toy Box JSK Set in Black 140 USD including shipping within the United States (proof)
Sizing: 76cm length, 88cm waist
Description: Lovely vintage set, it's perfect for the coming season! The chest lace is removable and this dress comes with the matching head bow! Please note, the satin ribbons pinned to the bottom of the JSK are not included, unfortunately my dress came without them. :( I had planned to make some to match, but never actually got around to wearing the dress anyway!

+ + + + + + +

BtSSB Trick-or-Treat JSK in Black 140 USD including shipping within the United States (proof)
Sizing: 95cm length, 88cm bust, 78cm waist
Description: This hard to find JSK is lovely and in decent shape, only issue with it is that the black dye spread when I hand washed it in cold water. I soaked it until the dye ran out, but some of the white parts of the design are slightly dingy because of it, mostly around the waistband area. Personally, I think that it's really hard to tell. I took a picture and adjusted the contrast as much as I could to even pick up on the discoloration.

+ + + + + + +

BtSSB Early Summer Chocolate Parfait OP in Black 140 USD including shipping within the United States (proof)
Sizing: Zipper back, 94cm length, 40cm shoulder width, 86cm bust, 70cm waist, 20cm sleeve length
Description: This is a beautiful "vintage" lolita piece from 2005. It's in good shape and the print is crisp.

+ + + + + + +

BtSSB Frill Skirt in Black 40 USD shipped in the United States (proof)
Sizing: 53cm length, 62~68cm waist
Description: Fun little skirt, very poofy!

+ + + + + + +

Metamorphose Marine Cardigan 40 USD including shipping in the United States
Sizing: 18.5 inches long, measured flat. 16.5 inches wide, measured flat. Can stretch a great deal due to the material it's made from.
Description: A simple marine style cardigan from Meta. Logo is embroidered in gold on the chest!

+ + + + + + +

Metamorphose Gingham Shirred High Waist JSK 65 USD including shipping within the United States
Sizing: Fully shirred, 15" flat (will go much higher), 34" length
Description: Adorable, basic JSK. The shirring and waist ties will allow it to fit a variety of sizes!

+ + + + + + +

Metamorphose Trump Skirt 40 USD including shipping within the United States
Sizing: fits a 25" waist MAX, 20" length
Description: Great, crisp shape! Only flaw is a small snag in the waist closure above the zipper. It is still attached and can be sewed to tighten it again. :)

+ + + + + + +

Alice and the Pirates Black x Purple Knee Socks worn but good condition, 15 USD shipped in the United States
BtSSB Black x Pink Bunny Bear OTK Socks new, 20 shipped in the United States
Meta Navy x Light Blue Stripe Socks new, 15 USD including shipping within the United States
All other socks have been sold.

+ + + + + + +

Thanks for looking! :)
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