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Please make an offer. I really want these sold!

Payment and Priority
- Priority goes to the first person who leaves their paypal and can pay my asking price. Please understand that if you are not able to pay my asking price, or you require a payment plan, I may wait a few days to see if anyone will make a full offer. Leaving a paypal address is a commitment to buy the item!
- I accept Paypal payments only. Paypal fees already included in my asking price.

- Shipping cost is not included in my asking price.You are responsible for this cost!
- Rough estimates of shipping; $5 for small, light items in the US, $10 for dresses and $15-20 for shoes. International shipping costs vary, but exect to pay around $30 for shoes!!
- Please inform me of your location when you leave your paypal information. I will then calculate shipping for you. If you are okay with the shipping price, I will invoice you.
- I ship out items every few days. If you need an item sooner, please let me know and I will be happy to rush out to the post office for you. :)
- I usually use first class mail for dresses and small items and priority for heavy items. If you require Priority mail, delivery confirmation, or a tracking number, please let me know. For international orders, this may raise your costs quite a bit.

More Information
- Additional pictures and measurements can be taken upon request.
- No trades at all. I need money right now and I'm leaving lolita. Thank you!
- PLEASE, only ask questions if you are genuinely interested in buying.
- Please be aware!! I do have dogs and they are allowed near my clothing. Please be aware if you have allergies. I will be removing as much hair as I can before sending out items, but a few may stick.


JSKs, Skirts, and OPs

Dreaming Macaron JSK and Headbow set
I will not split the set. The dress is in excellent condition save for a few very small stains on the front.
Hello Lace:

Asking Price: $450 for the set

Royal Poodle sax JSK
Fantastic condition. This JSK is just beautiful in person. Will come with matching brooch.
Hello Lace:

Asking Price: $260

Chess Chocolate bustier JSK in mint
Brand new condition. Never worn by me. This dress is absolutely breathtaking in person.
Hello Lace:

Asking Price: $410

Twinkle Mermaid JSK
This dress does not have a front waist bow! I have no idea where it is, since it came to me in this condition. The dress is still in fairly good condition, considering it's age and popularity! There are no stains. Only age related signs of wear, like slightly dim lace. I've never worn it out.
Hello Lace:

Asking Price: $320

Angelic Pretty Osanpo Candychan Skirt
The skirt is in very, very good condition. The waist brooch is missing, but besides that, there are no issues.
Hello Lace:

Asking price: $195
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:blue, color:green, color:pink, color:yellow, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt
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