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DS: Brand and Off Brand!

* My feedback page:
* I now own a cat, but I have only owned him for a few weeks =^w^=  He goes no where near my lolita closet and I'll lint roll every item just in case, but be aware in case you are deathly allergic.
* First to leave a paypal address get priority.  For your safety, I prefer that you pm me your paypal and let me know that you are doing so in the Comments.  Yes, I do holds and payment plans!
* I ship from the United States, prices are in USD. 
* Prices include shipping within the US + tracking + paypal fees.
* US buyers are preferred, but international is welcome! :)  Feel free to ask for a quote on international shipping.
* I am not responsible for lost items! If a package doesn't show up when it's supposed to, let me know so that I can contact the post office and I will do everything I can. Tracking should eliminate this problem.  However, I do not do refunds.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers!
~A&tP Romeo & Juliet, Poison d'Amour Corset Skirt in Navy with Socks, $250 shipped~ SHIPPED
Poison d'amour
Brand new, only worn once!  I reserved this at Baby SF with the matching socks. 
I probably still have the original tag somewhere.  The socks have never been worn!
Measurement from Baby site: 24-31in (62-79cm) waist, 23in (50cm) length
Baby Site:
Worn photo

~IW Card Trump OP, $130 shipped~ SHIPPED
Beautiful lace and details!  This gorgeous one piece is altered it so that the waist-ties are removable,
one of which I misplaced.  The button holes on the waist ties are not as neat as I would like them.
Worn once by me.  I paid $150 plus over night shipping, so I'm really losing money on this!
Measurements: Max 37 inch (94cm) bust, max waist 32 inches (81cm)
Original Post that I purchased it from:
Pictures of the cute matching buttons
Picture of the waist tie

~Black Bodyline OP L310, Size M $67 shipped~
New, never worn, and still with tags.  It's $67 on the Bodyline web site.  I bought this originally to wear to a Con, but when I received it, discovered that the fabric is velvety, including the collar.  Since I didn't want to die from heat,
I had to get the above IW OP shipped to me overnight >.<
Measurements from Bodyline site: Bust: 36 inches (92 cm), Waist 30 in (76 cm), Length 36 in (91 cm)
Waist ties & cameo broach
Stock picture from Bodyline

~BtSSB Back Pintuck White Blouse $50 shipped~ ON HOLD
I bought this blouse lightly used.  I've never worn it because it's too loose on me.
Amateur Measurements:  36in (91cm) bust, 30in (76cm) waist
It's really similar to the Back Pintuck Blouse:
Hellolace measurements: 38in (96cm) bust, 30in (76cm) waist, 28in (72cm) sleeve length
Pic of tiny stain on top left shoulder

~BtSSB white blouse $75 shipped~
Previous owner never wore it and I've never worn it because it's too big on me. 
I was really excited about this blouse (since the one above was too big), so I'm sad it didn't work out. 
It's about a size medium and the arm width is generous.
Amateur Measurements:  36in (91cm) bust, 30in (76cm) waist
Close up of beautiful logo

~Offbrand Light Pink Blouse $15 shipped~
Freshly ironed!  I bought this three-quarter sleeve blouse used and it's in great condition. 
I've never worn it; I just don't wear pink.  Color is more accurate in the second picture.
Measurements: Bust: 34 inches (86 cm)
Waist: 34 inches (86 cm)

~Metamorphose Crown Label Tote $15 shipped~ ON HOLD
This cute tote was released in Meta's Lucky Pack last year.  I bought it off of comm sales. 
Previous owner never used it and I think I've used it once or twice.

~Offbrand Brown Shoes $15 shipped~
shoes brown1
These chocolate brown Mary Jane- style shoes are brand new from the children's section. 
They're a large size 4 in kids, but fit me, about a 5-6 (35- 36 European) and 23cm measured on the inside. 
New and never worn!
From Left to Right:
BtSSB Crown Logo brown striped knee socks- $25 shipped
Bodyline mint knee socks- worn only once but got pilled on the bottom from the dryer, $7 shipped
Bodyline sax blue stripe macaroon knee socks (still new)- $7 shipped
Target blue polka dots knee socks, new- $7 shipped
BtSSB sax Falling Cherry OTK socks (bought from Baby SF)- $25 shipped
Angelic Pretty Donut Border OTK (bought at AP SF's opening!)-  $25 shipped SHIPPED
~Transparent Socks~
My parents brought these for me from Japan, but sadly I don't have anything in my wardrobe that matches. 
They're brand new!  What I like about these is that the soles are sock material, which makes them more durable.
Size: 23-25 cm  The price tag says 1000Yen= 12.72 USD, so I'm selling them for $14 shipped
~Mini Hat, $5 shipped or Free with any purchase~ SHIPPED
I got this mini-hat from a friend.  I think she made it to go with her Star Night Theater. 
I don't have anything to go with it, so I want to find a good home for it!

~Rirakkuma Chocolate Pencil Bag, $17 shipped~
I bought this super cute pencil bag because it reminds me of the AP Melty Chocolate Handbags!
~Thanks for looking!~

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