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DS! Small Closet Cleaning!

EGL Feedback here. (26 positive, 2 positive waiting to be added, no negatives or neutrals.)


- I may be interested in trades. My Wishlist is here.

- No returns, sorry.

- Payment is expected within 12 hours of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. I do take payment plans, with a deposit to be discussed.

- Paypal only please. PM me your Paypal. DO NOT LEAVE IT IN A COMMENT.

- Feel free to make offers, but please don’t be ridiculous.

- If you live in the GTA, I can meet you to avoid shipping. (I will discount the items as appropriate.)

- I wear lolita on a daily basis, unless at work as I have a uniform! I often buy items and resell them if they don't fit or suit me and they are mostly NWT or NWOT. If it's an item I've worn as part of my daily wardrobe, I will note it.

- Prices are in USD and include world wide untracked shipping. Once the items leaves my hands I am no longer have any control over it.

- NOTICE TO ALL BUYERS AND PAST TRANSACTIONS: I have been known in the past to take a few days to ship and to forget to leave feedback. I work very long and varied hours, have suffered some personal tragedies in the past year, and until this week, I did not have reliable transportation. I now have a (mostly) steady work schedule and my own car. All items will be shipped the NEXT business day, no exceptions. If I do not, please feel free to file a claim/leave negative feedback. If I have not left you feedback for a transactions, please remind me!

My proof is my 1993 Sonic Spinball cartridge for Sega Genesis. (Yes, I still play my Genesis at least omce a week!)

#1 - Bodyline Coat - 2L INVOICED!

Worn once. Doesn't suit my style anymore.

Length 104cm
Bust 108cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Sleeve length 70cm
(These are bodyline's measurements, I would day a true max bust would be closer to

$70 shipped
(Keep in mind this item will cost at least 20-25 to ship if you're making an offer.)

#2 - Bodyline Set - 2L INVOICED!

The skirt was worn once. Includes the dettachable bow, I just forgot to include it in the photo. It didn't match my wardrobe as well I as I hoped.

Length 88cm
Bust 94-102cm
Waist 78-86cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Sleeve length 21.5cm
Length 59cm
Waist 72-108cm
(Most of the official measurements are pretty accurate, but I would stay under 100cm bust to prevent gaping, and the skirt max is more like 85-87cm, maybe a tad more.)

$50 shipped

#3 - Polka Dot Chocolate Socks

New, still has clips attached. I thought the white was slightly creamier then it actually is, this shade doesn't suit me at all.

$40 shipped

#4 - Wig Stands

I just have too many!

$5 shipped each, or $15 shipped for all 4!

Tags: !ds, *plus size, angelic pretty, bodyline, color:brown, color:cream, color:white, item:legwear, item:onepiece, item:outerwear
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