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!SS Japanese online and in store shopping service

I mainly bid on clothing, shoes, and accessories, but if there's something else you'd like please feel free to email me about it. :)
I can also buy event tickets, make item reservations, and subscribe to fanclubs.

I use Yahoo Auction Japan, Mbok, Rakuten, and can order from any Japanese online shop as well as buy in store items.




Feedback for AshleyRoseEGL on


PayPal only


First Payment
1. Item price

2. Service charge, please see the "Service Charge" section for more information.

★(online purchases only) 3. Shipping from seller within Japan
Possible Mobapei fee

★(in store purchases only) 3. In store travel fee

4. PayPal fee

Second Payment
I will ask for a shipping deposit and will refund you the difference. This is so that we can ship your items more quickly instead of asking for the cost at the post office first.

1. Shipping to your country, please see the "Shipping" section for more information

2. Paypal fee


1. Inquire
Please send us links to the items you'd like as well as size and color (if applicable.)

2. Cost Estimate
We will send you the total cost of the first payment, which covers the base cost of the items, service fee, shipping fee or travel fee, and paypal fee.

3. First Payment (Item Cost)
If you agree with the cost, we will ask for your paypal address and send an invoice. Please make sure the address on paypal is correct. We will confirm before shipping as well.

4. Purchasing
As soon as payment is received we will purchase/bid on your item(s).

5. Item Arrives in Japan
We will e-mail you as soon as your item arrives.

6. Second Payment (Shipping Cost)
After the second payment is received we will ship your item. Please see the "Shipping" section for more information.


15% per entire order for webshop purchases (or 1175 yen, whichever is greater)
*For orders over 20,000 yen the fee is 10%

20% per entire auction order and in store (or 1575 yen, whichever is greater)
*For orders over 20,000 yen the fee is 15%
*For orders over 50,000 yen the fee is 10%
The fee for orders between these percentages can be discussed


Please note that we remove all pricetags and mark items as gifts to avoid issues with customs. If you'd like for us not to do this, please be sure to let us know!

Shipping from Japan
We ship to any country directly from Japan using EMS and provide a tracking number. Please see for more information about pricing.


We can visit a large variety of stores within Tokyo and Nagano. If you'd like us to shop at a store outside of these areas we can make a phone call and try to arrange shipment within Japan. Depending on the situation, there may be travel fees or shipping fees from the store.


We use Yahoo Auction Japan, Mbok, and Rakuten.

Payment for auctions must be received beforehand. Please send your maximum bid. If the auction end price is lower than your maximum bid, we will send the difference back to your PayPal account. If we are unable to win the auction, we will return your maximum bid amount. No fees will be charged if we lose an auction.

Auctions purchased at a "buy it now" price will be treated with a webshop order commission fee.


Returns are not accepted, so please feel free to ask about any items you're unsure of before purchasing.

If payment is received and an item is sold out before we can make the purchase, the full amount will be returned to you.

Buyer is responsible for any customs charges incurred.

Regarding Closet Child in store inquiries, please limit your requests to two items at a time. We call local Closet Child shops beforehand to make sure they have what you're looking for in stock, so we ask that you keep your requests to a minimum. However, we'll be happy to search as many items as you have in mind on auction and second hand webstores.


This is a short list of shops we can purchase from, but nearly anything you can think of is possible including stores outside of the lolita fashion. We can also purchase from non-clothing stores as well.
AC/DC | Algonquins | Angelic Pretty
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright | Beth | Black Peace Now/Peace Now | Bodyline
Closet Child
Emily Temple Cute
h.Naoto | Heart E
Innocent World
Jane Marple | Jesus Diamante
MA/mam | Mary Magdalene | Metamorphose | Miho Matsuda | MILK | Moi-meme Moitie
Nile Perch
Sex Pot Revenge | Sexy Dynamite London | Stigmata | Superlovers | Swimmer
Victorian Maiden

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