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DS: Cheap blouses and accessories for sweet and gothic!

Please Read! (more then four week post. contacted mods before posting)


I ship normal mail with no tracking unless you ask me to and it will cost more.

For international shipping please ask and I will look up how much extra that will be.

No refunds and I am not responsible once it leaves my hands but of coarse will cooperate if it gets trapped in customs or something like that.

No payment plans and pay within 4 hours of invoice. First to pm paypal gets item.

NO TRADES! Selling stuff because I need money T_T

SALES- open to resonable offers :)

ModCloth corduroy jacket NWT! $60 shipped in the US ($10 of which is shipping since is bulky). Worn once. I don't have anything to wear it with and its slightly big on me. It is really beautiful and needs a good goth loli to wear it! The bottom ruffle is detachable. Its a size S but its better for a size M.
Off brand coco stripe blouse with bows on chest and sleeves. $15 shipped in the US. Worn once. Standard S/m sizeing, about ~26" waist and 33" bust. Missing top button (I bought for $20).

Sweet ruffle sweater with pearls from F21 $18 shipped in the US. Bought for $20 and worn once.

First release Royal Chocolate socks from AP. Purched NWT and worn twice and hand washed twice. I managed to get any  discolering out so it is not very noticiple they have been worn before :) I showed the toes with flash and without so you can clearly see condition. Payment Pending

Not sure what to price these at? I'm only selling because I own them in ivory and need the money. I was thinking $50 shipped in the US and Canada since I have seen them priced at that but I'm not sure. Open to resonable offers.

6 DokiDoki 3.5" pin and "kawaii" braclett $12 shipped in the US. Bracelett says "kawaii" in english on one side and Japanese on the other. Both are sort of rare since they are sold on tour. SOLD

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