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DS: Angelic Pretty Dream Sky, Milky Berry, Marionette clock and miniskirt


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Location: Adelaide, Australia

ダイヤ Prices are listed in AUD, Australian dollars
クローバー I live in a smoke-free and pet-free home (unless you count pythons as pets)
スペード Sale price does not include shipping unless noted otherwise.
ダイヤ First person to agree to sale and shipping price and provide their paypal address will get the item.
クローバー After a confirmation of sale has been made payment needs to be made within 24 hours unless otherwise requested. I will not hold without a deposit unless I know you or have sold/bought from you before or unless otherwise negotiated before the sale. If no contact is made after 24 hours the item may be passed on to the next person in line.
ハート All items are sold in as in condition, unless otherwise stated are secondhand which means that they may have small marks or minor imperfections. I will do my best to list anything I notice but if you are anxious about condition please ask or check before buying I am human and may miss small things. All sales are final, please be sure when you request to buy.

スペード Measurements are approximate and either taken from Hello lace or measured with a measuring tape. Please note they may not be accurate and I will not take responsibility for items not fitting.

ダイヤ Please allow me 3-5 days to ship your item

クローバーPlease note that when paying via paypal, there are strict rules about items being sent. Items must have tracking to qualify for paypal protection, the only method that has tracking on international parcels for Australia post is EMS and registered which can be very expensive. If you are willing to do this then I can invoice for payment.**invoices will includes the 3.6% fee** If you would like a cheaper method then I am more than happy to send airmail and seamail however can only do so if you pay via personal gift payment. Please be aware that these methods of shipment do not have tracking and are at buyers risk. I have being selling over the internet for several years now and have never lost a package!

I am more than happy to provide pictures and scans of receipts if you request so at time of purchase. I generally do not keep or scan receipts otherwise.

The main Items I am looking for are:
AP Chocolate Rosette JSK in Navy or Red
AP Holy night story switching JSK or Hat
Aatp Midsummers night dream JSK
Aatp Treasure hunt in Mystic Island Alvida JSK in Aqua
Brand Novelties, especially coat hangers, plush, cushion covers, teacup sets etc
Or my in progress wishlist here
I may consider other items, but ill be less likely to agree to something that doesnt appear on my wishlist.

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky OP $450
Will consider offers. Excellent condition
Hello Lace:
Measurements: 82- 105cm bust (waist free)
Weight: 650grams

Angelic Pretty pleated Mini Skirt $130
Excellent condition, cute star lace trim and silver star buttons
Hello lace here:
Measurements: Up to 80cm waist (ideally 75cm)
Weight: 400grams

Angelic Pretty marionette Clock JSK and bag $300
The JSK is in excellent condition. The bag is as well, the hands have been glued down (there was problems with this design as the hands kept on catching on things and bending, this one is fine though)

Measurements: 96cm bust 80cm waist (no shirring)
Weight: 750grams (jsk) 300grams (bag) 1050grams (combined in a satchel) 1250grams (combined in a box)

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry OP $300
Excellent condition
Hello lace :

Measurements: Bust: 70-98cm, waist 69-80cm
Weight: 600grams
Will consider trades for other AP dresses.

Postal quotes can be found here, otherwise please ask!

Previous Sale Post:

DS: HUGE post, lots of brand and sizes

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