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DS: BTSSB, 69th Department, Gothic Lolita Wigs

Sales Info
✫ All prices include shipping and Paypal fees within the US (I ship from Portland, OR).
✫ For international shipping rates please ask, I will only ship international items with tracking, so it may be a bit expensive.
✫ Feel free to make reasonable offers!
✫ Trades are welcome. I'm mostly interested in Angelic Pretty accessories (jewelry, wrist cuffs, lace gloves, hair bows) but I'd be open to look at other items.
✫ Item goes to first person who leaves their Paypal address (comment or PM is fine).
✫ I do have a cat, but is not allowed in areas where I keep my clothing. I just want to warn people who may be very allergic.

✫ Feedback:

69th Department Blouse - $50 SALE PENDING

Proof photo
Size M Bust 92cm Waist 72cm
Brand new, never worn. It's a beautiful blouse but it's a bit tight on my arms so I'm selling it. The color in the stock photo is the actual color, the lighting in my photo makes the color look weird.

Gothic Lolita Wigs Lavender Curly Bob - $30

Worn photo
I cut the bangs on this so they are blunt instead of side swept. I also loosened the curls a bit. It's only been worn twice, I just have too many lavender wigs so I wanted to get rid of this one. See the link to the worn photo above to see how I styled it.

BTSSB Milk-Chan and Snow Strawberry Print Ribbon JSK - $225

Proof photo (link to my poupeegirl)
Hello Lace Info
Size M: 90cm length, 89~100cm bust, 71~80cm waist
I bought this second hand and have only worn it twice.
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, item:blouse, item:jumperskirt, item:wigs, taobao
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