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DS: Final reduction! IW JSK and socks, BTSSB OP, Taobao dress, AP miniskirt

I'm currently in monetary straits, so I guess I'm making a leave of absence with Lolita.  The prices are all OBO.  Pardon my horrendous proof pictures, my good camera is currently broken.  I promise the dresses are all beautiful in real life ;_;
Brand new BTSSB OP-
My mom bought this for me as a gift at Tokyo Rebel in New York.  I really love it, but I can't get the guts to wear it out in public and it's just been sitting in my closet :/ 
It's in brand new, flawless condition.  I think I may still have the tags for it somewhere, actually.  I'd like to get 250 dollars for it reduction- I'd like to get 200 for it. new reduction: I'd like to get 180 for it including shipping(PS, I'm aware that in the proof pic I forgot to attatch the bow.  It's on my desk and if you're interested, I'll send you a proof picture of the bow as well

Mumuhome (taobao brand) lavender dress
I've only worn this once or twice.  This dress is lined, the waistband is very elastic, and the material is mostly stretchy.  It doesn't accomodate much poof, and would probably be best for a hime-styled coordinate.  
I'd like about 30 dollars for this. 20% off- 24 dollars  I hate math, so 17 dollars.
dress and socks
Innocent World burgundy jsk and socks set
I've never worn either, only tried on the socks.  In perfect condition.  I'd like to sell the dress for 250, and I'll add the socks for free.  Alternately, the socks are 30 dollars.  Set for 200 dollars.  set for 180 dollars including shipping

Previous sale- Angelic Pretty pastel pink miniskirt: message me for an offer, the price is VERY flexible... like super flexible. srsly guise.


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