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DS: Cheap blouse and petti!!

Please Note:
~First to leave paypal address has priority on the item.
Paypal only. Buyer will pay fees, prices in USD.
All sales are final.
~Shipping within the US and paypal fees included. 

~US buyers have priority
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White Petti~ 20 Shipped domestically
Commissioned petticoat, from a user on here. 4 layers of white tulle and a white cotton lining. Very well made! Elastic waist fits 24-34 waist comfortably. I like to use it over an A-Line to give a cupcake shape! Great filler and still has a lot of life left!

Picture under a skirt

Urban Outfitters Blouse~ 25 shipped
A nice blouse, great for a beginner! Simple and opaque to wear under a JSK or with a skirt. I would recommend no more than a 34 bust. 
Blouse upclose

Thanks so much for looking!
And feel free to offer prices~ 

Tags: !ds, color:white, item:blouse, item:innerwear, offbrand
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