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WTB: A ton of stuff

My feedback:

I've been on a hiatus from lolita a while and sold off my entire wardrobe! So please help me build up my wardrobe again!

So my measurements are
Bust 94 cm and waist 76 cm

Crown Embroidery JSK in black
Lauretta Rose JSK or OP in Ecru or pink
Rococo Rose JSK
Rose Basket Angel JSK in ivory or pink
Lotta JSK
Rose Chiffon JSK
Versailles Rose JSK in brown
English Rose JSK
Romantic Rose JSK in brown or ivory
Antique Pansy JSK in green or purple
Plain Flared JSK in brown, bordeaux o pink
Halterneck Tiered JSK in pink or brown

Holy Queen JSK
Iron Gate OP
Silent Moon OP in any colour but whitexsilver or whitexgold would be lovely!
Jewelry print OP
Sleeping Garden OP

Vampire Requiem JSK LONG or second release in Ivory or lavender (for long version) and black or blue for corset JSK
Sleeping Beauty JSK
Name of the Rose JSK
Beauty and the rose Promise JSK in ivory or pink
A Midsummer Night's Dream JSK II in ivory or back
Hide-and-Seek With Missin' Alice JSK in ivory or perhaps sax
Queen's Coach JSK II
Scent of Rapunzel JSKs in ivory, red or green
St. Mephisto Cathédrale
The Castle of Nightmare Print JSK in ivory or black
Grimoir of the moonlight forest JSK
Melty Mermaid JSK in blue or black

Milky Dot Chiffon JSK in mint, pink or yellow
Sugary Carnival JSK in black, lavender or sax
Fantastic Dolly JSK in red, pink or lavender
Jewelry Jelly JSK in lavender or mint
Powder Rose JSK in white or pink
Wonder cookie JSK in white or pink
Wonder Party JSK in pink
Whip Magic JSK
Honey Cake JSK in ivory
Lady Rose JSK or OP in mint or pink
Marchen Ribbon JSK in white or black
Marine border JSK
Rose Toilette JSK
Sugary Pansy JSK
Chess Chocolate JSKs in brown or ivory
Dressy Rose JSK in pink
Star Night Teatre JSK
Moon Night Theatre JSK in green, red or white

My little red riding hood JSK in pink
Alice Bambi Print Shirring JSK
Blooming Snow White JSK in ivory
Cherry Cherry Fallin'Cherry Frill JSK in white or pink
Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait JSK in white
Fragrant Rose Memories JSK in mint, brown or ivory
Jewel Tree Bouquet OP in ivory, pink or black
Little Red Riding Hood Applique JSK in white or pink
Sleeping Beauty Shirring JSK
Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon Ribbon JSK in white or pink
The Wizard of Oz Applique Circular JSK in white or pink
Very Berry Sweet Pie Embroidery Scalloped JSK in pinkxbrown

Telephone print JSK
Vintage Poodle Tiered JSK in any colour
Berry Stripe JSK in white
Pintuck Tiered JSK in any colour
Royal Frame Tiered JSK in any colour
Swan Lake Frill JSK in white or pink
Apple Shirring Tiered JSK in pink or white
Blooming Garden JSK in white, pink or black

Any Emily Temple Cute and Juliette et Justine print that fits my measurements!
Cream Parasol
Headdresses, bows and hats. No mini hats.
Cardigans, boleros, blouses, parkas in black, cream, off white, pink, brown, mint
Bags in black, brown, pink and white.
Classical and sweet shoes in any colour in size LL or EU 39/40.
Wigs, in any lenght and colours. Good quality only please!
Circle lenses in grey, black, brown and green. No blue please :)
White petticoat

Please feel free to make offers besides these things, I'm willing to look at most things.

Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute, innocent world, juliette et justine, metamorphose, taobao
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