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DS! Closet cleaning! 22 items; Innocent World, Crinoline, MmM, Anna Sui...

I need some room for my clothes!
I have 2 cats that aren't in contact woth my clothes, but it's possible that some of their hairs are on it, even though I try to take all of them off!
I don't smoke.
Please make some offers if you want! And please ask for quotes concerning insured and tracked shipping method!
I accept Paypal, checks and maybe bank transfer.
My EGL feedback:

Innocent World drawer - "Original Lace Drawer"
Brand new, but too small for me :(
Measurements from IW website: 
Waist: 55~108cm
Total length: 56.5cm (Includes 6㎝ of lace)
Waist to inseam: 28.5cm
Inseam to bottom: 28cm
France: 45€ FDPC en Colissimo
Europe: 47 shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Worlwide: 49€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Cutsew / blouse Innocent World
Brand new, but too small for me :(
Size M
France: 64€ FDPC en Colissimo
Europe: 65 shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Worlwide: 68€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)

Moi Même Moitié short sleeves blouse
Measurements: Bust - 46cmWaist - 40cm Length - 53cm. Fits up to a 95cm bust.
France: 68€ FDPC en Colissimo
Europe: 73€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Worlwide: 74€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)

Black crinoline (sold to winter_galaxy)

Black petticoat
Brand new, gives a medium poof
France: 17€ FDPC en Colissimo
Europe: 19€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Worlwide: 21€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)

Anna Sui brown bag (SOLD)

"Fantastic Dolly like" ring
Brand new
France: 8€ FDPC en Lettre Max
Europe: 10 shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Worlwide: 12€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)

Accessories pack
Brand new
France: 15€ FDPC en Colissimo
Europe: 17 shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)
Worlwide: 19€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)

Ballerina socks from An*Tain*Na
Brand new, I received it today.
Worldwide: 14€ shipping included (uninsured, no tracking)!

Thanks a lot! :)
Tags: !ds, color:black, color:blue, color:brown, color:cream, color:white, innocent world, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:legwear
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