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!DA Lief Ivory Sacred Night JSK & !DS Meta March of Duck SK, AP Gingham Halterneck JSK

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  • All prices includes shipping USA domestic, priority shipping with delivery confirmation. For international buyers, please add $15. International packages will also be shipped USPS priority mail flat rate and comes with delivery confirmation.  Please note, USPS does not come with tracking and only includes delivery confirmation, which is proof that it's sent/delivered but does not offer real time tracking. If you want insurance, please request it. 
  • Please allow me up to a week to ship out items.
  • For direct sales, whoever comments first willing to pay the full price and shipping will gets the item. Please PM me your paypal address. Buyers are obligated to pay the invoice within 24 hours. 
  • Unless otherwise stated, everything was purchased 2nd hand. There may be regular wear on these garments that I did not notice. I will point out any major flaws/problems in description. 
  • I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages once it have left my hand, please pay extra for insurance if you are worried. 
  • All measurements are amateur measurements and/or taken off lolibrary.
  • My size for reference: bust 34in, waist 28in, height 5'2"
  • Please haggle if you think price is unfair and let me know if you have any questions!

Bidding will end FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST AT 10PM EST. Please note that next weekend I will be at convention but will have internet connection through my phone. Please note that if there is any delay in responses, that is the reason why and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you! 

Lief Sacred Night JSK 
Ivory, Size S/M

print close up 1 print close up 2 print close up 3 print close up 4
waist tie 
detachable bow 1 detachable bow 2
lining 1 lining 2
lolibrary entry 

Starting Bid: $100
Final Bid: $260  (yllsa)

Bust: 33in-37in
Waist: 26-29in
Length: 43in

There are quite a few flaws with this piece, which is why I'm starting the bid so low.
-I had the shirring removed due to how weird the back looks when the shirring is stretched around the fabric. I had a professional seamstress redo the shirring the way it originally came but it's not perfect because the original shirring was not put in properly (factory flaw in the design? I don't know). Here is the shirring panels with detail pictures of where the when the shirring was put back in was not perfect. back shirring 1 back shirring 2
-On the waist tie, there are some"bald" spots or something. The velveteen fibers easily pulls off if you pull at it, which is the reason I suspect causes the "spots." It's not really noticeably and is hard to spot if you're not looking for it. I just wanted to mentioned it since I saw it when inspecting the garment. The waist tie also has a hard time staying flat.
-The detacheble bow is really wonky, there's no other way to describe it! It needs to either be replaced or remade, you can tell just by looking at the picture that it sits weirdly and does not sit flat. It the original bow that came with the dress. 
-The lining does not reach all the way to the bottom as shown here and here
-Added 8/27: For those who are bidding internationally, I may request more than was requested in my T&C for international shipping since this dress is made of a heavy velveteen fabric. Ideally I would like to pay for half of shipping so if you're overseas and win, I would like once I weigh it and see how much extra it'll be. Thank you.


Metamorphose March of Duck Skirt & OTKs SET - $70
Black Skirt / White OTKs

Waist: 23in-30in
Length: 22in

sock detail 1 sock detail 2 sock detail 3 sock detail 4

These sock details are in better lighting: sock detail 5 sock detail 6

Bought second hand from mbok with stains. I will not break up this set, so please do not ask. There are stains on the skirt: here, here, and here. There are snags on the socks as shown in socks detail pictures linked above. 

Angelic Pretty Gingham Halterneck JSK - $75

More accurate color of the jsk in natural light.
Bust: 28-36in
Waist: 26-30in
Length: 33in
Bought this off mbok, came as is with no ribbon or anything for the shirring on the back. I'm guessing it was suppose come with one because one of the loops on the back where the shirring ribbon goes is actually damaged. This dress looks more summer-y but the material it's actually made of heavier velveteen-like material. Despite that, I still wore it during the summer due to the halterneck style. 

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