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DS: ETC Dress, Metamorphose Telephone Print Skirt, Angelic Pretty Bag and Metamorphose set

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* Prices are in Euros;
* Prices does not include shipping;
* Priority goes to the first person that can pay the full price of the item;
* I only ship my items with tracking number;
* Please do not pay any invoice until I send you a message saying "invoice sent";
* If you are not happy with the prices posted, make me an offer and I may consider it!
* I will be in London in 12 days (at the juliette et justine event), so if you are going, I can give you your item there and you can save on shipping.

Emily Temple Cute Present Box Dress:

ETC Present Box

Bust: ~85cm; (max)
Waist: ~72cm;
Lenght: 80 + 5cm;

Condition: Very good condition. Only used 2 times. The belt is not in the pictures but it's included with the dress!
Price: 80€ OBO

Metamorphose Telephone Print Skirt:

Metamorphose Skirt

waist: 72cm (max)
lenght: 50cm

Condition: I used this skirt a few times. I have this pictures of the current state of the print - picture 1 and picture 2 . It has small signs of use but it is in very good condition anyway. 
Price: 80€ OBO

Angelic Pretty Tea Cup Bag:

AP Bag

Condition: I bought this bag new at the Angelic Pretty Paris store. I used it 2 or 3 times. It has a small mark on the back, here is a picture.
Price: 70€ OBO

Metamorphose Bracelet and Ring Set:

Metamorphose Set

Condition: Bought new with tags and used a few times. Very good state.
Price: 20€ the bracelet and 10€ the ring. I can make 25€ if you buy both.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you

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