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SS! Angelic pretty Cat's Tea Party(neko no ochakai) set


                    Reservation for Angelic prettey
                "Neko no ochakai" (Cat's tea party)
             special collaboration set with Kira Imai

         Deadline:September 2nd at 10:00 (JAPAN TIME)

I asked the AP store about "Cat's tea party set(neko-no-ochakai)"today.
(Sorry if I mistake the English name!)
And the store staff said the reservation does not have limits,
 it means I can reserve for everyone who want to reserve them:)

My SS fee is 2000yen for each set in this time.
Please read my rules at first, and if you agree all rules, please order.
The reservation term is Augest 25th to September 2nd.


Colorway:( 2 colors) Pink set   or  Gray set( No somple pictures of the gray set, sorry!)
Item: JSK + Headbow+choker set
SS fee:2000yen
Release date:at the beginning  of December to the middle of  December

My SS datails are here
and my feedback

and my DS post if you are interested in

-JPY only
-Paypal only
-You must to pay within 48hours.
-I can accept via gift payment.

-I can't make the reservation if the rule suddenly change.
-The shop don't accept the cancellation of the reservation with any reasons.
-You should not post , if you did not ready to pay.
-I have to pay 41790yen when I make the,
I will invoice you 41790yen bofore I make the reservation, and once I received the set,
I will invoice you the international shipping cost and 2000yen(SS fee).
Or I will invoice you 41790 + 2000yen if it is OK for you.
-You can reserve them via online store, so please buy them by yourself if it is cheper.
If you don't want to pay a expensive custom fee, I can mark low value on your custom form.
So please consider about that.

****For the person who have negative feedbacks or does not  have any feedbacks.******
I am sorry I can't deal with the person who have negative feedbacks.
If you can invoice me "item price + SS fee" before I reserve them, I
can accept the order from the person who does not have any feedbacks. 

Please use this form when you decided to order.

Your LJ name(when you contact me via e-mail):
Your PP address:
Which color way: Gray set  or Pink set or Both
Did you agree my rules?:

Thank you for looking!!

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