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!DS/!EA BtSSB JSK + Usakumya Muffler

location: california, usa.
item(s) for sale: baby, the stars shine bright 'snow polkadot sundress' black
baby, the stars shine bright 'usakumya muffler' ivory

. do not pm me if you are only asking questions which are already answered below or are already linked to a source where more detailed information can be found regarding the item.
. serious buyers only, please!

. all prices are negotiable but please be reasonable.
. paypal only, no exceptions sorry. my email looks like this: s****e******
( please be sure to send payment as a personal payment or gift only )

* * priority of any sale will go to those who can pay (in full) immediately regardless of location. * *

. i am always open for offers or partial trades however not available for full trades at the moment.
. i will accept reasonably timed payment plans, in which 40% or more can be paid within 1 week.

. i will ship domestic packages: first class shipping + delivery confirmation
. i will ship international packages: ems tracking + insurance
* * please note: i will not negotiate a 'cheaper' shipping method that does not include insurance or tracking. it is not safe and i will not take the risk or responsibility for any lost, damaged, or missing packages
! * *

. all items come from a clean and smoke free environment.
 * * warning to those with severe allergies * *
i have an indoor chihuahua but he isn't allowed in or near my room.

BtSSB Polkadot Sundress in Black
i purchased this jsk thru my best friend via the comm sales, unfortunately the bust is way too small for me so i can't keep it for myself. it's a super beautiful dress and has absolutely no rips/tears, pulls, stains or defects that i could find. it's in wonderful condition. it could use some lint rolling and steaming but other than that it's completely perfect! if you have any questions please consider the links below before commenting. thank you.

BtSSB stock photo:


PROOF (mami will be my proof item)
. indoor natural lighting / indoor natural lighting
. indoor direct sunlight
. direct sunlight /direct sunlight

. hellolace

. asking $140.00 $100.00 +shipping

!EA ~ BtSSB Usakumya Pom Pom Muffler in Ivory
ebay link
this was definitely one of those spur of the moment purchases. i don't regret it since it's pretty much BNWOT and extremely cute... but it's the middle of summer and i live in the valley so i very much doubt i would ever be able to use it or at least not any time soon. i have noted all the information on the listings details and have used my same proof item in the photos posted. unfortunately i was unable to find a product link directly to a BtSSB listing but i have found a ton just like it by googling 'usakumya muffler'.

. starting at $25.00 +shipping

i also have a beautiful betseyville bag for sale on my ebay where most of my feedback can be found since i'm still waiting on a couple of sellers for theirs on my eglfb page.

thank you for reading!
xo. luna
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