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DS!: *RARE* Moitie Iron Gate print bag (Black x Silver)

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to sell off my extensive lolita collection starting with a rare Moi meme Moitie Iron Gate print bag.
As far as I know, there has only been one other person who had this bag (I'm looking at you herajika lol) but recently sold it as well. 

Here are the rules:
  • Prices are in USD
  • I accept Paypal only and buyer has to bear the PayPal fees.
  • I ship internationally from Singapore, buyer bears the shipping cost.
  • Tracking number WILL be provided. I will only ship with tracking.
  • I will ship out the item within 48hours unless it is a weekend. Shipped items will take approximately 10-14 working days to reach you.
  • My EGL feedback page is: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/560769.html
  • My personal feedback page is : http://i-am-kagetsuki.livejournal.com/1516.html
  • Priority will be given to a buyer that can pay the full amount.
  • I will check back on this thread before the weekend (Around Friday 10pm GMT +8) to decide who to sell it to. 
  • NO trades please, I am leaving lolita and don't need more stuff.
  • Haggling within reason is welcome.
  • Please feel free to ask questions. :)
Moi meme Moitie Iron Gate Print Bag

The bag itself is very sturdy with the irongate print very visible on the front (no cracks). This is a very very rare bag, I doubt another one would come along if you have missed Phoebe's auction. Its style is reminiscent of a traditional doctor's bag and it comes with a shoulder strap which is detachable. The hardware is in gunmetal colour.

The scratch on the back of the bag as shown here. It came with the bag when I bought it but isn't obvious irl. 

As pictured here with the shoulder strap which is detachable.

Lightly used with a scratch at the back (bought used and scratch was already present)

Measurements (approx):
height 26cm
width 46cm
depth 14cm

Fits a 13" Macbook with no problem.


Singapore: USD7
International: USD 20 (The bag is very heavy)

Thank you very much for looking. Once again, please feel free to ask questions. :)

PS: I am selling off the rest of my lolita wardrobe including many rare moitie items like velvet ribbon op, nun OP, blouses, headdresses, socks, jackets, jsks etc etc. Please keep a look out for them. 

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