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DS: Algonquins, six.h, wig


I am your host who likes to use unrelated gifs, Cherie. I need to pay the entrance fee for a contest, and could use a quick closet cleaning before I fly off to college anyway, so here we are. 

EGL Feedback
Positive: 69

Neutral: 0
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+ Paypal only please. I do e-checks and holds, but, would give priority to an immediate sale. 

+ No trades please. 

+ Located in the US.

+ I ship within a week after payment. However I am moving (again!! agh!) next week... if for whatever reason I don't get to the post office beforehand, I'll either pack the item with me and mail it from Hawaii, or leave it with my mom to mail it on my behalf. My mom and I save receipts as proof of shipment, and I can show them to you if asked. :) 

+ I'll always try to leave feedback if you do the same! 

20% off!

"Classe" Black Bob [CLS001-35] $44 USD shipped $35 USD shipped

Left over from my wig sale a looonnng time ago. It still needs a new home! Worn once or twice briefly for some cosplay shots. It is excellent quality, and was always mistaken for my natural hair! It's very thick with soft, not plasticy fibers. It's a popular cosplay and fashion wig brand... I bought it in the Kera shop myself. 

Layered, 35 cm long, natural black. 
I've cut blunt bangs into it using hair cutting shears. I haven't ever put styling product on it. Heat resistant. 




SOLD six.h / Mint NEKO Cutsew/ cowlneck (sort of) top/tunic- $60 USD shipped 

Great condition, worn once and just washed. It's a very interesting but comfortable design. Personally I love to throw it on with leggings and boots or jeans and boots and it's perfect. The cowl neck means you can also wear chokers, necklaces or scarves for a cool layered look. 

The bottom patterned hem has Mint's Neko illustrations and "six.h" in bubbles. 

I'm not sure what the ties on the side are for, but they look cool. XD 

Length: shoulder to longest part 32", top to shortest part 27"
Unstretched bust/waist: Around 36-38" (stretch cotton... I think it's meant to be worn in a baggy style but could certainly stretch to accomodate) 

Algonquins jeans- $30 USD shipped

Bought second hand in Nagoya. Lots of life left.

Er, I never measure pants, but here's my amateur stab at it: The unstretched hip/low waist is 32-34". Length 39". Lower hip circumference around 40-42". Upper thigh circumference Around 18-22". Fits a US female juniors 9/11 at most; anything less would be great too. Easily fits smaller (I'm a 6 and they're perfect). Stretch material with neat stud and zipper detailing. Has belt loops. Flared cut but still tucks nicely into boots. ^^ 

The design on the pants is kind of abstract, with text (no swears), crowns, crosses and "Algonquins".

And yep, that's it for now! Thanks for checking out my sale post again~

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