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DS: Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, Offbrand and Bodyline!

Rules and Conditions:

-All prices are in USD and include Paypal fees
-Prices do not include shipping
-I will look at offers after 24 hours
-I will do payment plans with a 10% non-refundable deposit. Same goes for holds
-I will not look at trades
-All items sold as-is
-I reserve the right to refuse any offer for any reason
-Barring various natural disasters, I ship within two business days
-Paypal ONLY


I will try to be fair, but if you want to guarantee getting something, leave a note and PM me your paypal address! This means that you wish to buy the item. It is *not* a general hold while you are still deciding.


Shipping Info

If you choose not to pay for tracking, I cannot take responsibility for what happens to it after it leaves my hands. Choose to ship un-tracked at your own risk (but I've yet to have a problem!)

Accessories and socks are only $4 shipping flat rate by small packet worldwide!*

Ask for combined shipping!

*Due to worries about postal theft, I do not ship to South America untracked. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but it is just too high a risk.

Calculate your shipping here

--For EMS, assume all socks and accessories weigh 100g packed. That will get you the minimum EMS charge for your location.---


Please fill out the following form if you are intersted in an item, to save us all a lot of time and trouble:

Item of interest:
Country you are in:
Shipping type preferred:

This goes for inquiries as well as if you are PM-ing me your paypal address. Thank you for understanding!

1. AP Princess Party Skirt in pink
-Chiffon over twill with corset lacing in the front and shirring in the back. Small ribbon ties, detachable waist ties.
-Size: 46cm length, waist 70 max
-Weight: 550g
-Further info:
95 USD

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2. AP Schoolgirl Skirt with Pochette in sax

-Worn once. Perfect condition.
-Button-front, shirred back, detachable waist ties and pochette. A-line and very sleek.
-Size: 42cm length, 69~77cm waist
-Weight: 500g
-Further info:
85 USD
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3. Bodyline Blue Rose High-Waist Skirt

-Worn a couple times. Perfect condition.
-Side zip, boning in waist. Shirring in back. Not lined.
-Size: Waist: 64-74cm, length 66cm
-Weight: 430g
25 USDImage and video hosting by TinyPic

4. AP Fruits Parlor OTKs in mint  SOLD!
42 USD

5. AP Cream Soda Mint OTKs
30 USD

6. Offbrand Sweets OTKs in Mint  SOLD!
15 USD

7. BtSSB Logo Knee-high Socks
-bought in-store, NWOT
20 USD

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8. BtSSB Merry Sweet Cookie Hairband (Ponytale Holder)
-Bought in-store, NWOT
-Brown ponytale holder with sturdy plastic charms
Further info:
16 USD

9. AP Dreamy Candy Heart Ring: "Sweet Talk" (sax)
30 USD

10. AP Dreamy Candy Heart Ring: "Pretty" (yellow)
30 USD

11. AP Party Ribbon Bangle in navy  SOLD!
-Worn once
20 USD*

12. AP Party Ribbon Ring in navy  SOLD!
20 USD*

**Special offer! Party Ribbon set together for only 35 USD!***

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13. Ribbon Accessory Set in silver x pink
-NWOT, comes with matching felt drawstring bag with stamped AP logo
63 USD
(Will split for 25 USD each!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I have a pair of socks and lots of Angelic Pretty accessories left for sale here!


Thank you for looking!
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