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DS: Mostly Angelic Pretty, some offbrand. Some reductions.

My Feedback

-Paypal only.
-I have a cat, and a ferret. The stray cat hair is going to happen.
-Must pay within 24 hours.
-Holds only accepted with 20% non-refundable deposit. Must be paid off within two months.
-Measurements are taken by an amateur, I do my best, but ask further questions if needed.
-First to inquire about an item has preference, but you must be quick to respond or I'll give it to first to post paypal info. This is just to allow people to ask questions without getting sniped before receiving an answer.
-No trades.
-Will do local pick-ups.
-I have the option to not sell to you if I feel uncomfortable.
-Please PM me your Paypal.

International Shipping
-Please ask for shipping quote.
-EMS shipping usually starts at $30. It is tracked and insured.
-First Class usually costs only a few dollar on top of the item price and is not tracked or insured. If you choose this method payment must be made via gift.
-I take the US shipping off the price for First Class shipping only. Using EMS always turns to a huge ordeal at the post office and usually costs more than quoted
-If you'd like the package value to be marked down, payment must be made via gift.

Angelic Pretty Assorted Cookie JSK in Mint - $190 shipped in the US ON HOLD

Stain 1
Stain 2
Has some wear. The lacing was fraying, so I put a touch of clear nail polish on the ends to stop it from happening again. There were two small stains on the dress when I got it. I got most out with OxyClean, and I'm sure more will come out with another treatment, but as they are, they are next to invisible. I forgot to include the bow in the photo, but I do still have it. 34" bust, 28" waist. Has back shirring and lacing.

Sweet Jam OP in Red - $300 shipped in the US

My Pic
No flaws, wonderful condition. Comes with neckties, just forgot to include in photo.
Headbow and socks are for sale below the skirt. I have the white socks too, but I need to find them. They also have a hole I darned. Let me know if you're interested and I'll try to find them. If you choose to buy as a set, $5 will be taken off the headbow, and $5 will be taken off each pair of socks.

Sweet Jam Skirt in Red - $160 shipped in US

My Pic
Includes waist ties and brooch. Skirt is in perfect condition. Skirt waist is 64cm relaxed, 74cm stretched. If you choose to buy as a set, $10 will be taken off the headbow, and $5 will be taken off each pair of socks.

AP Straw Basket - $55 shipped in US

Great condition. Brooch is detachable.
20cm x 18cm x 12cm

AP Strawberry Boater Hat - $65 shipped in US

Great condition. The strawberries are detachable. I sewed in two combs to keep in hair, works great. I can remove them with no damage if you'd like.

Angelic Pretty Pink Blouse - $75 shipped in the US

Excellent condition. Necktie use to have a couple stitches attaching it to the back of the neck, but those were removed. Doesn't effect condition. 35" bust, but easily fits smaller. Light material so suitable for warmer weather.

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie White Blouse - SOLD

Worn a bit, but still in great condition. 36" bust.

Offbrand Pink Bolero - $20 shipped in US

Lace detail
New. Measures 16.5" underarm to underarm. Very flexible sizing though.

Sweet Jam Headbows - $40 shipped in the US

Perfect condition. One left.

Brown Ankle Boots - SOLD
Worn once, perfect condition. Top can be worn up or down. Size 8.5, 26cm. Would be good for classic or otome.

Vintage Brown Ankle Boots - $25 shipped in the US

Medium wear. Not much to note other than shoe laces are fraying. Fits size 8.5, 25.5cm. Would be good for classic or otome.

Please make an offer if you don't like the price. I don't always know what these things will sell for.

DS: New Royal Chocolate JSK Size L in Mocha

DS: New Secret Shop Short Boots in Brown Size LL

DS: Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story, and Milky Way Cardigan

DS: AP, Putumayo, Bodyline, Antaina, Dear Celine, Swimmer

DS: Novalties, Post Cards, Socks, Swimmer, BtSSB Tote, AP Ring and Mittens

WTB List

Check my journal for old sales and a huge SWIMMER/Chocoholic sales post.
Lots of opportunities for combined shipping!

Thanks for looking!
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