Shizuka_85 (shizuka_85) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS-Cheap brand sale. Lots of IW and ETC + more

Prices include paypal fees, but not postage. I am shipping from Sweden. 

Payment needs to be made through paypal (or bank transfer if you live in Sweden) within 24 hours, no e-checks.

My feedback

First person to comment with their paypal adress and feedback and is able to pay full price within 24 hours gets the item, no backing out.

Please only comment if you´re interested in buying.

If you don´t like my prices, please feel free to make a reasonable offer. I provide discounts on multiple purchases.

I will not take responsibility for things lost or damaged in the mail. If you´re insecure, please purchase insured and tracked shipping.

No trades

Innocent World dusty pink round lace katyusha $30 sold

Innocent World dusty pink crotchet cardigan $35

Worn a lot. Has some pilling but still in good wearable condition.

Emily Temple Cute pink ribbon cardigan $50 sold

Emily Temple Cute cream wool ribbon cardigan $40

Worn a few times. A bit of pilling in places, but in overall good condition.

Heart E katyusha $10 sold

Innocent World knee socks $10


Emily Temple Cute Cutlery necklace $25 sold

Swimmer clock makeup bag $18

Flawless condition.

Innocent World white chiffon blouse sizeS $60 sold

Swimmer pompom poodle key chain/bag charm $17

Never used. Flawless condition.

Pale grey/blue-ish big flower headband $10

Emily Temple Cute black velvet purse $30

Used a lot and shows some wear on some of the edges. Still looks lovely though.

Thanks for looking. Have a great day! :)

Tags: !ds, emily temple cute, innocent world, offbrand, swimmer
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