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DS: skirts, JSKs, OPs, AatP Boots and Cutsew, Coat, Sailor, Classic, Sweet..

Feel free to make reasonable offers. Everything is for best offer, since I really want to make room and built-up a budget for my trip to London in September!

Important things first:

I ship from Germany
All Prices in EURO,
please see xe for conversion help if you need it
I only take Paypal from International or Bank transfer from EU
I only ask for the actual shipping cost, no handling&packing fee or such

Paypal fees not included
No pets, no smoke

Item goes to the first person who leaves Paypal for invoice (PM is okay too)

Germany: Small up to 4,30€, Medium: 5,90€, Large: 9,90€
EU: Small up to 13,90€, Medium: 18.90€, Large: 29,90€
Outside EU: Depends on Location. Switzerland/ GB eg can have different prices than the US.
All prices shown above include insured shipping!

My Feedback page:

And lastly I want to add, that I can be a bit slow with responding to messages. I want to be totally honest about it. I am busy with a bunch of other things too but I am not slow in sending packages out, as soon as I get the money. I don't always send a notice the same day though xD Sometimes the message comes 1-2 days after I posted the item. Depends on my work volume. I am really trying to respond as fast as I can, but I want you to be aware that it may take a few days.

Now on to the sales....

Alice and the Pirates pink striped Cutsew

Brust: ca. 84 ~ 100cm
Waist: ca. 70 ~ 90cm
Length: 46cm
Arm Length: 58cm

Price: 50€

Metamorphose Gingham Cherry skirt

Waist: 62-68cm
Length: 54cm with waistband
Lined and with built-in petticoat. mint condition

Price: 90€

Baby Cutsew skirt

Waist: very variable ! Fits fine at 65cm but at 85cm too
Fits even fine for hips over 100cm
Black and golden music notes are embroidered, not printed.
Has pockets!

Price: 45€

No brand skirt

Waist: around 86cm
Length; 50cm without waistband

Really nice but simple skirt with one defect. The waistband turned yelowish when I ironed it. :(
I am not sure if it can be bleached.

Price: 30€

Good Luck Punk style skirt

Additional picture
Waist: ca. 50-88cm (I'd say best for waist up to 70cm)
Hip: up to 100cm
Length: 40cm

I bought it in Tokyo, it hast one strap with buckle on the one, two straps with buckles on the other side that form an 'x'. Very sturdy material, zipper are just for decoration.

Price: 40€

Metamorphose triple frill skirt

Additional pictures 1

Waist: ca. 60~90cm (Full shirring)
Length: 56cm with waistband

Fully shirred pink skirt with white accents. Belt is non-detachable and has two buckles. One round and pearly, the other one pink and heart shaped. Completely lined with built in petticoat. Super large circumference, you'll need a really poofy petticoat for this one!
I bought it new from the page for a pink Sailor Set and have worn it twice.

Price: 120€

Pastel Striped OP yellow

bust:ca. 80~96cm
waist: ca. 60~78cm

New without tags, but with spare button and cloth set.

Entry at Hellolace

price: 180€

Pastel Striped OP lavender

bust:ca. 80~96cm
waist: ca. 60~78cm

Worn once.
Entry at Hellolace

price: 160€

Retro Polkadot Music OP

Bust: ca. 86~98cm
Waist: ca. 68~76cm
Back shirring and heart shaped buttons. Comes with belt and has super pretty golden embroidery on skirt.

Price: 130€

Navy Blue Metamorphose OP

Bust ca. 41~49cm
Waist: ca. 33~40cm
Arm length: 62cm

Very elegant OP in a navy blue. White cuffs and collar are detachable, underneath is a small standing collar. Has shirring and lacing on back. Seems to be on the rare side, since I wasn't able to gather more information about it.

Price: 180€ OBO

Metamorphose velvet JSK

Bust: ca. 80cm~98cm
Waist: ca. 66cm~78cm

High-waisted velvet JSK in the classical dark blue tone of Metamorphoses velvet series. Has shirring AND lacing in back. At the end of the skirt is a small lane of white cotton lace. Very oldschool style.

Price: 160€ OBO

Innocent World Velvet OP

Bust: ca. 80-100cm
Waist: ca.66-80cm
Length: 85

Wonderful velvet Onepiece by Innocent World with bustle back and movable ribbon brooch on front.
Waist ties are detachable.

Price: 160€ OBO

Metamorphose Sailor JSK

Bust: 80cm ~98cm (maybe even a few cm more)
Waist: 68cm~80cm

White Sailor JSK with black accents. Has detachable waistties and real pockets on the skirt. Backshirring and built in petticoat.

Price: 160€ OBO RESERVED

Sexy Dynamite Queen Coat

Mostly similar to this: Link

Gorgeous fake furr coat that I love, but it's too small for me to wear closed. Measurements are:
Length: 70cm
Arm length: 60cm
Width flat: 50cm

I think it should fit around 95cm bust and 80cm waist max. I can't close it with 100cm bust but had to wear it open.

Please note that this has one flaw: The belt is missing!

AatP Antique Leather Lace Up Boots

Size LL, used but very good condition. Black synthetic leather. (They are just named antique leather >_>)
Shipping is going to be pricey for these, sorry! I have to ship them in a large box.

Price: 160€ OBO

Thanks for reading! <3

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