BAD BEEF STEW (kiraqueen) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Black Innocent World or Atelier Pierrot blouse

I need some solid black blouses for wear with not just lolita, and IW M size is one of the few brands that reliably fits my proportions and tastes. Atelier Pierrot also works, and I might take some other brands if they're classic-styled and fit the description in the next paragraph, but IW is preferred. Solid black is an absolute requirement; buttons and such, and removable bows, can be other colors, but black with any other color lace is not acceptable, or contrast stitching.

I have a slightly larger chest, smallish ribcage and waist, and I'm very short-waisted. Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, and Alice and the Pirates all either are too baggy at the waist or have too large neckholes for me. I fit a lot (but not all) of BPN as well; my measurements are currently at about 34-25 for bust and waist. I like standing collars more than peter pan, but peter pan is fine if it isn't too huge. I don't want TOO much decoration up near the top; a jabot and a giant bow with a huge collar is just too much for my frame! I'm willing to go up to $125 depending on the blouse and its condition. I am in California. Sorry, no trades; this is for building up wardrobe, and most of the solid black which I like is sold out on the brands' sites!

My EGL feedback page is here: kiraqueen Thanks in advance!

Tags: !wtb, color:black, innocent world, item:blouse
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