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DS: damaged Aatp dress

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Hello Ladies,

I want to sell this stained Aatp dress SOLD .
Measurements from lolibrary:
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 68cm
Length: 91cm


Bought it on mbok but the seller only stated 3 small stains on the dress. However it has obviously more stains than it was described and I was a bit upset about this. I tried to remove the stains on the sleeve with baking soda, but the stain got only lighter (could be because I never used it before and didn't let it long enough on the sleeve).

stain on the body: click
stains on the sleeve: click
little stain on the apron: click
yellowish collar: click
stained cuffs (there were the holes for the buttons are): click
sweat stains(?) on the armpit: click

I may have overseen other stains, so these are may not all stains on the dress.
But from what I could see, the print and the skirt part has no stains at all, so someone could either try to get rid of all the stains or change the OP to a skirt (or do anything else with it). The dress itself has no rips as far as I could see and the lace is still white and beautiful :).
Collar, cuffs and apron are included and are all removable.

I want 70€ for this dress but I'm absolutely open to offers since I'm absolutely not sure how to price it.
I can also try to get rid of the stains on collar, cuffs and apron before sending it out to you, it would take me a while to send it out to you, though. :)

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, item:onepiece
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