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DT! JetJ Profonde for trade - The sold found a new home! Thank you

before you comment please read this:

- my feedbacks of egl sales are  here
- Trades only if you have positive feedbacks!
- Trades only shipped tracked and insured! I will do the same!
- im my house lives a chiuhuahua so please aware if you have problems with dogs´hair
- Please leave your comment with your item proof, describtion of condition and your feedbackpage

I have this lovely Juliette et Justine Piece in Size 1 
As much I love JetJ, they run too big for me !
So I have to let it go and find an other piece I will love.


got it new after reservation, tried on 2 times and realised, it´s too big and long for me
comes with tag

Measurments approx in cm

Bust: 90 cm
Waist : 73 cm
Back length 94 cm
Skirt length: 60,5 cm

This is my wishlist:

I would love to trade it for 

aatp vampire requiem only short version blue red black 
mm perfum bottle all colors and styles but no pink please
mmm divine cross black x gold

I really want a dress which fits me and is not too big

my measurments are
Bust 85 cm
waist 62 cm
body hight 158 cm so I wish shorter dresses

Thank you for looking!

Tags: !dt, juliette et justine
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