purronica (purronica) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB plus size cutsews/blouses/boleros, accessories + some BABY stuff + LINKS


welcome to yet another post by me =_=; there's too many things i want, man. and barely anyone ever answers me lolol

here are some things i'd like to mention!!

✿ i am not rich ( ;´Д`)~ do not offer me very expensive, NWT or NWoT items!!
✿ please include shipping to FL, USA in your prices
✿ please list your prices in USD
✿ please provide pictures of damage on item(s) if there is any!
✿ if you'd like to inquire about anything, do not hesitate to comment here or send me a PM!
✿ if i am breaking any rules in this post i would absolutely like to know~!
✿ i found the image(s) linked in this post on google, unless another source is noted! if a picture is yours and you would like credit or for me to have it removed, please send me a PM! I did upload them to my own photobucket.

i am looking for some blouses, cutsews, and boleros!! brand, off brand, handmade, non-pattern replica, i don't care!!! i am considering white, pink, black, and mint only! long sleeve, short sleeve, or detachable sleeve is fine :3

I am willing to take a look at whatever you have.

my measurements -

Bust 42-44
Waist 40

Looking for something that won't be uncomfortably snug..... like the damn shirt i bought the other day at charlotte russe. D:< /waste/

Boleros can be a bit smaller as I don't plan on buttoning them closed.

hopefully i can find something secondhand because new blouses/boleros are the devil price-wise D:
i like bows, peter pan collars, & good lace!

another thing i'm looking for is the matching socks/headdress/etc for BABY's fully shirred Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait JSK -

-headbow in pink though

used is fine, or if you have some things that aren't the BABY ones i'm willing to look.


looking for red shoes, bodyline strawberry bag in red, & STRAWBERRY/CHERRY THEMED ACCESSORIES

looking for LAVENDER + FAIRY KEI

Selling/Trading red bodyline bow heels!

thank you for viewing my post!!

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, *replica, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:pink, color:purple, color:white, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:cardigan, item:cutsew, offbrand
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