luckybug (dandelion_cloud) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: found, thank you :D

Hello Lolitas,

I am on the search for the AP a la carte teatime JSK in the white colourway. I am not interested in the salopette version, since it will unfortunately be too short on me. Bonus points if you have the matching headbow and/or socks for me :)

I am also generally looking for print dresses that are not too overloaded and can also be worn in a more "mature" way, similar to the a la carte print. I especially like AP dresses, but I'll look at anything. Please no hot pink or sax, I like light and pastel colours :) Offbrand is fine too, but I guess print dresses are more popular with brands.
Please let me know the price including shipping to Germany or Austria, whatever is the cheaper/easier option.

In case you're interested in trades, this is what I currently have:

My measurements: 34" bust, 25" waist, 5'5" height

Many thanks in advance! ♥

100% positive feedback here:

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, item:jumperskirt
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