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DS/DT: new items, 4 weeks repost and link to old sales


-After shipping your package I am no longer responsible for it and won't give a refund if it gets lost in the mail. Please pay for insured shipping if you want to be safe. - I don't smoke, but I have a long-haired cat. She is not allowed in my bedroom (where I keep my clothes) and I try my best to remove all hair from the clothes before I ship them, but if you're allergic, please be aware.
- I am open to offers and haggling, but I can't change the high international shipping costs, so please be fair. I don't charge paypal fees.
- my feedback page: (100% positive)

If you state interest in an item, please let me know if you don't take it. It's impolite to let me and other users interested in the item wait for your reply. After 24 hours with no answer, the item goes to the next in line.

Victorian Maiden bucket hat - 35€

ETC inspired skirt - 35€

As pretty as it is, I've only had a bad time with this skirt :( I bought this together with another skirt. There was a misunderstanding with the measurements when I bought it, so it turned out to be way too big for me, and it came with a ripped side seam, the other skirt was covered in stains. The previous seller never got back to me about it and I had to have this skirt fixed by a professional seamstress who also made it smaller to fit me. I could wear it now, but all these problems have completely killed my joy with the skirt, so I'm selling it at a rather big loss. I would be happy if it could find someone to finally appreciate it, it is a wonderful skirt.

The waist measures 36cm across at the moment, but it has two darts in the back that could be opened again to make it fit a larger size.

offbrand black&white top - 10€

Great for casual summer days. Lace is high quality cotton lace, fabric very stretchy, will fit a bust size around 86cm best. Can go bigger, but it will get shorter then.

ivory double sidebow - 16€

Beautiful commissioned double sidebow with soft cotton lace.

offbrand checkered tights - 3€ or as freebie with another item

Unfortunately these are too long for me, so I'd recommend them for anyone over 5'5".

Please also take a look at my older sales post - ETC fashion items print JSK and ETC denim jacket :)

Taking offers on all items, I'd just like to have some space in my closet again. Thank you for your time!

Tags: !ds, !dt, handmade, offbrand, victorian maiden
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