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WTB: Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Innocent World

My Feedback

Hello! If you happen to have any of these for sale please let me know the condition along with a photo and your asking price or if you might be interested in a trade.

Victorian Maiden Classical Regimental Dress in Phantom Grey.

Noble Regimental Dress in Garnet or Nocturnal.

Mary Magdalene Bertille OP in Raspberry

Delice Fleur OP in Mint

Elodie JSK in Pale Khaki

Antoinette Fleur OP in old mint version, but might consider other colors.

Enid OP in Brown

Lolotte OP in Bordeaux

Innocent World Birdcage Skirt in Black
Tags: !wtb, innocent world, mary magdalene, victorian maiden
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