Yuki S. (19yuki94) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Yuki S.

DS/DT: Small closet Cleanout! Nothing over 50€!

*~ Rules ~*
*~ I live in Germany ~*
*~ My sister has guineapigs, but they don't get on my clothes ~*
*~ I don't smoke ~*
*~ Shipping is not included~*
*~ I would love to trade for Dresses, Highwaistskirts and Cardigans ~*
*~ Paypal and Bank Transfer in Europe are alright ~*
*~ My Feedback ~*

Item #1: Collectif Sailor Jumperskirt in Red

 ♫ Price: 50€
 ♫ Size: UK 12 / EU38 / M
 ♫ Length: 95 cm
 ♫ Neckholder

Item #2: Boguta Hime Jumperskirt in Pink x White Sold

Item #3: Bodyline Choco Berry Jumperskirt in Purple Sold

Item #4: Bodyline Bunny Cardigan in Blue Sold

Item #5: Fanplusfriend Gothic Lolita Skirt in Grey x Black Sold

Item #6: Anna House Rose Skirt in Pink x White Sold

Item #7: Bodyline Pony Socks in Blue

 ♫ Price: 5€
 ♫ Colour: Blue with yellow and pink details
 ♫ Size: Onesize
 ♫ Adorable Pony and cute stars

Thank you for taking a look!

Tags: !ds, !dt, *plus size, anna house, any brand, bodyline, fanplusfriend, item:cardigan, item:hoodie/parka, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:outerwear, item:skirt, offbrand, taobao
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