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DS/DT: AP Jsk's under $300, BTSSB Bunny Earmuffs and a few more things!

* My feedback
* Prices in USD (United States Dollars) 
* Tracking and insurance added by request
* Paypal only (no e-checks)

* All sales are final (no refunds or exchanges)
* Trades for AP ONLY
*Please understand that everything here is second hand and may show signs of wear.
*Paypal fees included

* Payment plans and holds accepted and my rules are as follows:
* I am fine with long term payment plans an holds with a discussed down payment of either 20% of the items cost or $50 for dresses.
* Once a payment is made, I am not able to refund your installments, so if you back out you forfeit your money.
* Payment plans will last no longer than 3 months, holds will last no longer than 2 weeks.
* Please contact me after each payment is made.

* Shipping not included in prices and is as follows:

Multiple Items -        US $10  /    International $20
 Dress -                    US $10  /    International $15 
    Single Item -            US $6    /    International $9.50 
   Pins -                      US $1    /    International $2    

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party
 Bustier JSK 'Pink'
Proof Pic
Measurements - Length:87.5cm (lace 3.5cm), Bust:90cm, Waist:70cm

eadbow 'Pink x Pink'

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse 'Mint"
  Switching JSK      
 ON HOLD  (Temp off the market)
 Proof Pic
Measurements - Length:85cm, Bust:89 - 99cm, Waist:69 - 79cm

Angelic Preety Milky Polkadot Chiffon 'Black'
chiffon b 

Measurements - Length:78cm (lace 5cm), Bust:88 - 120cm, Waist:75 - 110cm
* There is a pull in the fabric under the left tail of the chest bow (seen below)

Angelic Pretty Coat 'Pink'
ON HOLD (Temp off the market)
 Proof Picw/o Fur Collar and CuffsAccent Pic #1Accent Pic #2Back Pic

Angelic Pretty Pins
Marchen Ribbon Pins
Black                 x 2 x1
Sax Blue            x 1
Pink                   x 1
White                 x 1
AP San Fran Pink x1


BTSSB Bunny EarMiuffs 'Black'

Damage Pic
- There is a cut on the top of the left ear (see damage pics)

Sanrio "Hello Kitty" Bat Wing Headband

Pom Pom Fur Collar w/ Pearls

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