my_alice_fair (my_alice_fair) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Cream/white blouse, Classic lolita, AP halloween & strawberry, AP boots

Location: South Korea via APO: American zipcode 96266

I will be paying via PAYPAL CC, so if you charge a fee please include that in the price upfront. 
I'm a US Size small. Looking for gently worn or new clothing. I am ONLY looking for items like those specified at this moment. 

Specifics of what I am looking for:

1. Simple white or cream blouse. Short sleeves preferred, but will consider long sleeves. Nothing particularly over the top, light on ruffles and frills. Would prefer something fitted rather than loose. I'm looking to pair it up with non-lolita vintage skirts so the more simple and flattering the better. I'd also prefer the fabric not be too shear / see through. Looking to pay around $50 or under for the blouse, but may pay more for an ideal one. 

2. A classic style OP, JSK or skirt. Again, something simple and pretty. Nothing too poofy or over the top with frills and such. Floral prints a plus, pastels are ok. Would prefer to stay under $175.

3. Angelic Pretty Halloween themed jewelry, especially tricky night in any colorway. ESPECIALLY interested in headbands or wrist cuffs.

4. Angelic Pretty strawberry headband in red or pink

5. Angelic Pretty Engineer boots - Lavender or pink in a SIZE SMALL. 

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, item:blouse, item:shoes
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