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DS: Alice Doll Ghost Parfait T-shirt Preorder, Btssb Purse, sweets jewelry and accessories galore!


Please Read Before Buying!

.. All items are being shipped from USA 37221 and are in the condition shown in the photograph unless otherwise stated!

...Shipping is calculated by weight and use of protective materials -- delivery confirmations are extra unless otherwise stated.

...I am happy to ship overseas !! Please understand however, that unless asked and paid for, tracking is not available for oversea purchases! I can't be held responsible if a package goes missing (which thankfully has not happened yet!)so please keep this in mind before purchasing!

...I only accept forms of payment through Paypal. I can not accept any E-Checks, Money Order, etc. at this time.

...Priority goes to whomever can pay first !! Due to there now being moderation ques for EGL_Comm_sales, it is entirely possible that I may be away from the computer for some time. If you intend to purchase an item -- drop your paypal address so I know which person gets priority!

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Alice Doll's Ghost Parfait T-shirt pre-order!!!

... Description: . Nothing is sweeter or more delicious than a healthy serving of yummy ectoplasm with candied eyeballs and goopy sludge! Topped to perfection with a candy bone straw!

T-shirt comes in sizes: S, M, L, and XL
The T-shirt color is a deep black.
The T-shirt style is: Women SoftStyle Fitted T-Shirt

!!!!When Ordering Please specify what size you would like!!!!
*:・゚✧ Pre-order information! ✧・゚:*
This Shirt is currently for PRE-ORDER!
As soon as the max pre-order quantity is reached the T-shirts will be ordered! Please expect a short wait time!

Only 12 more shirts out of the 25 need to be sold -- so this order will be a QUICK one!

... Measurements: . This is the sizing chart given by the t-shirt company for the shirts that I'm using:

The chart shows the body width of the shirt -- so the flat measurements. How you calculate is by multiplying x2 to give you a rough circumference

S 16.00'' x2= 32"
M 17.00'' x2= 34"
L 18.50'' x2= 37"
XL 19.50'' x2= 39"

Because the material is a soft cotton -- it should have more stretch to it. I'd estimate about an inch to an inch and a half comfortably. :) Once I have the shirts in 100% I can do better measurements -- but until then I'll have to go by the t-shirt manufacturer's website.

... Price: ...[USA: 25 USD + 5.50 shipping || International:7.00 USD Shipping ]

Lavender Sparkle Bow Fox Tail!!

... Description: .Normally these are priced at $25.00! However I am at the last of my stock and will need to make more! Now's your change to get one at a discounted price!

... Measurements: . This super cute Fairy-Kei / Lolita key-chains stands about 10 inches tall -- the tail itself being about a full 8 inches!

... Price: ...[USA: 16 USD + 4.50 shipping || International:5.50 USD Shipping ]

Unknown Print - Btssb Purse w/ pearls

... Description: . This purse is beautiful, but it doesn't suit anything in my closet! The pearls are removable so it can be used as a clutch as well! very classy!

... Measurements: . n/a

... Price: ...[USA: 50 USD, $5 Shipping OBO || International:8 USD Shipping OBO ]

Chocolate Purse Mirror! Dark or Milk!

... Description: . Full purse Mirror in two colors! Decorated with Crystals and a sparkly pink bow!

... Measurements: . This delectable treat is approximately a full 6 inches long and 3 1/4 inches wide!

... Price: ...[USA: 8 USD, $5 Shipping OBO || International:8 USD, $5.50 Shipping OBO ]
x1 of each color!

Terry Chocomint Styled Bow Clips!

... Description: . Fuzzy and Cute -- this little bow adds a little something extra to any coordinate!

... Measurements: . Each bow is approximately 4.5 inches wide by 3 inches long! Purchase two for a complete sweet look or mix and match colors to get a little crazy!

... Price: ...[USA: 8 USD + 4.50 shipping || International:8 USD, $5 Shipping OBO ] One of Each is available

x2 Yellow
x1 sax
x1 pink

Alice Doll macaron star necklaces!

... Description: . Made from a rubber, these macarons are much more durable than your standard acrylic or polymer sweets jewelry! Inside they are filled with yummy cream and even yummier life-like styled strawberries!
For an extra sparkle each macaron is finished in a soft glitter sparkle and even more cream on top! To finish, each macaron is drizzled with sauce to match!

... Measurements: . The necklace measures approximately 10.5 inches long and is decorated with coordinating colored stars and pearls!

... Price: ...[USA: 20 USD , $5 Shipping || International:20 USD, $5 Shipping]
x2 of each color in stock!
1 Pink sold to foomer

Don't like the price? Feel free to make me an offer!
Thankyou for Looking!

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